For Honor Season 7 Brings Changes to Valkyrie and Warden

season seven of For Honor sees a new map, and new moves for some of the characters

For Honor wasn’t the most popular game when it came out last year, but now as we’re seeing season seven of competitive play on the horizon, the game is still going strong. And with the new season will come some major changes to the gameplay of the arena sword fighter.

The season is being dubbed “Storm and Fury” and will also include a new map, Secluded Keep, which will be playable in Tribute, Skirmish, Elmination, Brawl, and Duel game modes. In addition to the map will come changes to both the Warden and Valkyrie, both of which have been getting complaints of being underpowered when countered in specific ways.

The Warden became drastically more ineffective when enemies roll-dodged out of the way, the shoulder bash/guard break combos were striking nothing but air. To remedy this issue, Ubisoft included a new move for the warden, Valient Breakthrough, which lets you take a leap forward and strike those pesky enemies who won’t stop dodging. But that’s not all, because there’s also the Top Heavy Finisher move which is unblockable and allows players playing Warden to deliver a devestating blow to enemies after using zone attack, rushing slash, or even the new Valient Breakthrough move. Luckily, you don’t have to take my word for anything, because Ubisoft was so kind as to release three second videos on Youtube demonstrating these new moves, check them out below.

Now we move on the the Valkyrie, which also got a major update in the form of five new chain attacks listed below along with a video:

  • Light -> Heavy -> Heavy
  • Heavy -> Heavy -> Light
  • Light -> Heavy -> Light
  • Heavy -> Heavy-> Heavy
  • Heavy -> Light -> Heavy

This change is to lessen the predictability of the Valkyrie since before the update the second attack would always be a light attack and thus would be easy to parry and break the chain. In addition to this change, the Valkyrie’s Spear Sweep is also being changed to be faster and more effective, check out the video below to see.

The new season will also reset rankings, add in 10 reputation levels, add new legendary gear, and add two elite ranked divisions.

Indranil Chowdhury
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