For Honor Season 6 adds a new map, hero reworks and improved cosmetic management

Arrives on May 17

For Honor, the intense medieval combat game by Ubisoft, will launch season six later this month. For Honor season six will add a variety of new content including a new map, a new seasonal event, hero reworks and an improved cosmetic management system. The sixth season is called Hero’s March and will be released on May 17th.

The update brings a new map called Beachhead that is playable in all game modes except Tribute. Two heroes, Orochi and Peacekeepers are going to be reworked in the patch. According to Ubisoft, they “will receive major gameplay reworks”. No details about the changes have been published yet but Ubisoft said that details will be available on the For Honor website before the launch of Hero’s March.

Ubisoft also teased a new seasonal event on the For Honor website. The event will launch alongside season six and and details regarding the event will be posted shortly.

The other notable addition to the game will be the Visual Collection. This is a new feature that separates your collection of cosmetics from your inventory. As a result, the inventory will be less cluttered and the process to apply the cosmetics to your gear will be simpler.

The season six update will bring with it an improved training mode. Ubisoft aims to make For Honor beginner friendly and a great experience for the newer players. After a year, Ubisoft has finally launched dedicated servers for the game. As a result of this, players should see better network performance and face less latency issues.

Originally released over a year ago in February 2017, For Honor has seen a lot of content updates, bug fixes and other improvements. For Honor is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is currently on sale on Steam so if you have been meaning to try it out, now is a good time to pick it up.

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