Following Forsaken Shores, Sea of Thieves Developers Consider The Game A “Breakout Success”

Today, the Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores content update went live and with it, new types of boats, quests, and regions have been added. The release of Forsaken Shores marks six months of post launch content updates to Rare’s multiplayer sandbox pirate game. Speaking with Eurogamer regarding the milestone, executive producer Joe Neate states that the studio “beat every single internal target” and considers Sea of Thieves a “breakout success“.

Despite a rocky start, Sea of Thieves has slowly made a name for itself thanks to regular developer support in the form of post-launch content updates. Throughout the summer, the game received two major content updates, The Hungering Deep and Cursed Sails. With the release of Forsaken Shores, Neate speaks about the “bold decisions” made by the studio.

Prior to launch, the developers had a number of ideas for Sea of Thieves, including the addition of pets and ship ownership. However, the ideas were scrapped on the basis of feedback, and before Rare published the updated roadmap for the game, Neate says that the team “locked ourselves in a room for a couple of weeks”.  

The first major post-launch content update, The Hungering Deep, introduced a major change of pace to Sea of Thieves. We saw that player encounters, ship encounters, that ended in battle dropped in half during The Hungering Deep, and it literally made Sea of Thieves fifty per cent more friendly. That was a really interesting thing to learn, that we could drive behaviour while introducing cool new features that we liked,” adds Neate.

Throughout the summer, the game continued to evolve as the developers began to understand what players actually wanted. Following Cursed Sails, Sea of Thieves was achieved a good balance of its PvE and PvP elements. “You’ll see people making friends out on the sea, you’ll see some people not making friends too”.

Looking at how the past two content updates have affected Sea of Thieves, it will be interesting to see how Forsaken Shores impacts the game. While Rare was unable to live up to expectations at first, they have definitely proved themselves by listening to the community and supporting Sea of Thieves.

Farhan Ali
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