Foldable Displays From Samsung Are Coming As The Company Files Multiple Trademark Patents

Samsung has finally saddled up and is making its long due foldable smartphone dream come true. It has started with a new logo, the Samsung F, where ‘F’ seemingly stands for “foldable”, and “Samsung” written in such a way that it looks like it is being bent. The Korean tech Giant is busy trademarking new display technologies which go with the names Samsung Infinity-Flex, Samsung Infinity-U, and Samsung Infinity-O.

Samsungs Patent Filing
Source – AndroidCommunity

Besides this according to an article from AndroidCommunity, Samsung already has the Infinity-V which will be used for the Galaxy S10. These three names are confirmed as they have been spotted on The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and will probably be used for for different variants of the S10. The Samsung Infinity-Flex, going by its name, will be used for the foldable phone which could be the Galaxy X. Although nothing is confirmed officially, The United States Patent and Trademark Office shows that new brand names will be different from each other.

Its about time Samsung took initiative on foldable phones. The company first indicated on a foldable display back in a 2014 teaser video. The video featured the prototype of a foldable display on a smartphone. The phone had a display screen when folded which you could interact with as a normal phone, but when opened and stretched out, the phone has a lager display (roughly twice the size as the outside), which looked like a tablet. This led everyone to believe that Samsung would be the first to release a foldable phone.

Although Samsung is now confirming on foldable displays which are rumored to release in the beginning of 2019 (January, most likely), it will not be the first company to release foldable phones. Just less than a week ago, a low-key Chinese company called “Rouyu Technology” released a foldable phone called the FlexiPai which goes down as the world’s first foldable display phone, which we covered here. But Samsung as a company always strives for perfection, so we are really excited to see what they show off next year.

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Foldable Displays From Samsung Are Coming As The Company Files Multiple Trademark Patents

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