Fix: Windows error 0x8000ffff

If your computer running on Windows 7 won’t boot/start when you try to do a system restore to an earlier working point, you will likely see the message:

“system restore incomplete, unspecified error during restore 0x8000ffff“.

What does this mean and how do you fix it?

There are three documented methods to fix this error:

  • Most common solution is to boot your computer directly from the original Windows 7 disc (or Startup Repair Disc), and see if it fixed your problem. Startup Repair
  • You can also start the computer in safe mode, and then run system restore to an earlier point. This should restore your computer. Safe Mode
  • If the above two methods do not work, then the third alternative is to try a slightly more complicated approach of backup image, or System Image Recovery. Follow the steps exactly in the link: System Image Recovery.  This process will restore your Windows 7 hard disk back to the same condition as it was when you created a system image backup.

Most Windows users are able to fix the error by following the first two methods recommended above. Only as a last resort should one try the System Image Recovery procedure.

Warning: A System Image Recovery will format everything on your hard drive, which means that you may lose data or files that were not included in the system image backup which backed up your complete hard drive running within Windows 7, before the error 0x8000ffff occurred.  Therefore, backup everything that you do not want to lose, before attempting this solution.

Also, you must attempt a system image recovery to a hard drive that is the same size, or larger than the disk the system image was created from. You cannot do a system image recovery to a smaller hard drive.

A System Image Recovery is a complete computer system restoration. This will replace all your current programs system settings and data files.

If your System Image Recovery is on an external device, (such as a USB drive), be sure to connect the external device before starting your computer. If it is a USB drive, also make sure your BIOS settings is set to allow USB devices at boot. A system image recovery will format everything on each hard drive that was included in a system image, and will only restore what is included in the system image backup.

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Fix: Windows error 0x8000ffff

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