Fix: unfortunately monkeytest has stopped

The existence of MonkeyTest came to light approximately two years ago along with the existence of TimeService, another one of the former’s kind. MonkeyTest has, since then, been successfully identified as malware. MonkeyTest can affect almost any Android device imaginable, including the Samsung Galaxy Alpha – one of Samsung’s premier Smartphones for the year 2015.

MonkeyTest is one of the many kinds of malwares that disguise themselves as applications. MonkeyTest is an application that cannot actually be closed by the user no matter how many times they try, and the malware is also known to cause other applications to malfunction and crash and even go as far as to download applications without the user’s consent. MonkeyTest manages to pose as a system application, which is why affected devices do not allow the user to outright delete the malware (unless, of course, the affected device is rooted in which case MonkeyTest can be deleted using Root Explorer).

All kinds of malware are, in essence, programs, and like all other programs, they are prone to crashing. Whenever MonkeyTest crashes, the affected device displays the “Unfortunately, MonkeyTest has stopped unexpectedly” error. Most people would think that MonkeyTest crashing is a good thing, but that is not the case as it only makes the malware all the more obnoxious. The only thing that is worse than malware is malware that constantly crashes, causing the affected device to continuously display error messages. Being faced with the “Unfortunately, MonkeyTest has stopped” error after every couple of minutes can be highly irritating, so the following are the two methods that have proven to be able to successfully rid any affected device of the error message:

Method 1: Disable MonkeyTest

1. Go to Settings.

monkey test has stopped

2. Navigate to the Application Manager

monkey test has stopped1

3. Swipe over to the All

4. Look for and tap on MonkeyTest.

5. Tap on Disable or Turn off.

6. Confirm the action.

The “Unfortunately, MonkeyTest has stopped” error message shows up when MonkeyTest suddenly closes down, so inhibiting the application from even starting up by disabling it will definitely put a lid on the problem. While the Operating System of an affected device does not allow the user to uninstall MonkeyTest, it does allow them to disable it or turn it off. In addition, disabling MonkeyTest also restrains the app from doing any funny business behind the user’s back or messing with the affected device in any way.

Method 2: Reset the affected device to factory settings

A significant number of Android users who have had firsthand experience with the MonkeyTest malware have reported that resetting their device got rid of the malware entirely. Hence, this method is certainly worth it for affected individuals who want to completely get rid of MonkeyTest instead of simply disabling it.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Navigate to the Backup and reset settings for the affected device.

3. Press Factory data reset or something similar.

4. Read through the instructions and then confirm the action by tapping on Reset device or its equivalent.

Wait for a few minutes and, once the device has been reset, start setting everything up from scratch.

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Fix: unfortunately monkeytest has stopped

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