Fix: Tile Database is Corrupt

The error “Tile Database is Corrupt” is usually associated with the problems related to your taskbar and Cortana. Users affected by this problem report that the Cortana button doesn’t work or when they click the start button, they get a blank black box. This is where Cortana is actually supposed to be. Furthermore, there are also reports indicating that sometimes the search is broken too.

This problem has been around for quite some time. There are some workarounds available but not proper fixes. Fixes mean actions which will fix the problem at hand and you will not see the symptoms occur in the future. Meanwhile, workarounds are different remedies to make up for the loss of functionality because of some problem. Start with the first solution and work your way down; the technicality of the workarounds will increase as you proceed downwards.

Solution 1: Using Classic Shell

Classic Shell is a computer software designed for Microsoft Windows which provides user interface elements to restore familiar functions which were present in the earlier versions of Windows operating system. We will use its capability of changing the Start Menu. It serves as a replacement and allows customizations as well.

This is the easiest and the most effective workaround there is. It doesn’t involve making a new user account or resetting your computer after backing up your data.

  1. Download Classic Shell from its official website and download it to an accessible location.

  1. Select the location where you want the program to be installed. Make sure that Classic Start Menu is enabled in the installation.

  1. Select the icon you want your start menu to have. You can use a custom image as well as two predefined icons. Now you can select the type of start menu you want to have. When you are configuring the start menu, click “OK” for the changes to be implemented.

  1. Your start menu will change almost instantly. You can click on “Start Menu (Windows)” if you prefer to use the default Windows start menu again.

Solution 2: Creating a New User Account

The second workaround to solve the problem is creating a new user account. In most cases, this error pops up because the configuration of your account is corrupt. When we make a new user account, everything is set from scratch and all the modules are new with no amendments whatsoever. Do note that you will have to move data and settings from your current account to the new one.

We have written a detailed guide on How to Create a New User Account and Transfer all the Data to it. First, we will create a new local account. Then after the account is made, we will transfer all the settings from your current account to the new one. Once this is done, you can change the account from the Local one to Microsoft Account by adding your Email address.

Note: It is wise to do a backup of all your files and settings if things don’t work out.

Solution 3: Resetting your PC

If both the above solutions don’t work, we can try resetting your PC. Now there are two ways through which you can reset your computer. You can reset your PC without affecting your files or you can reset your PC by removing everything and reinstalling Windows. You should try without affecting your files at first. If this doesn’t work, you can resort to reinstalling Windows.

Note: It is highly recommended to back up your data before following this solution. Even if you chose to reset your PC without erasing your files, there can be instances where you may lose them. After backing up, follow the rest of the solution.

Do note that the applications you installed over the internet or from DVD’s will be removed. Furthermore, the applications from Windows store will be reinstalled.

  1. Open Settings and click the sub-heading “Update and Security”.

  1. Select the “Recovery” tab using the left navigation pane and click on “Get started” present under the subheading of “Reset this PC”.

  1. A new window will pop up asking you to choose which option to reset your PC from. Choose the correct one and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: If the problem still persists, you should consider doing a clean install of Windows. You check our article on how to create a bootable media. There are two ways: by using media creation tool by Microsoft and by using Rufus. You can use the utility “Belarc” to get all your licenses saved, backup your data using external storage and then perform a clean install. Make sure to back up your data as all of it will be erased. Once you have safely backed up everything, proceed with the solution.

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Fix: Tile Database is Corrupt

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