Fix: The site ahead contains harmful programs

This error message can manifest itself in two different scenarios. A common scenario is when you try to access a website for which you know is safe but Google Chrome simply keeps on displaying this message, preventing you from accessing the site. The site can be harmful indeed but the error message itself is enough to deter users from visiting the specific site ever again.

An even greater problem can occur if your own personal website has been rated to be harmful by Google and you will probably fail to receive any visitors on your site as almost everyone is going to be deterred by the warning window which is all red.

Follow the steps given in the article below in order to try and enter the site marked as dangerous by Google if you really think that the message is a false positive. Even if you were using the site normally before the warning started appearing, do a Google search to see if something went wrong with the site in the meantime.

The other version of the problem is Google reporting your own site for hosting harmful programs so we will try to remove this warning if there are really no harmful programs on your site.

Solution 1: Removing Suspicious Links and Widgets from Your Website

If you site has been flagged to contain harmful programs by Google, you will need to change something on your site that has prompted Google to display this message. This, of course, related only to folks who have accidentally linked to something suspicious such as using an advertisement service which linked to a malicious site. Follow the instructions below in order to find out more.

  1. Visit this link which will open a useful site which will show you where the links located on your personal website redirect so that you can see just where the problem is.
  2. Enter your site’s URL in URL address bar and click on the Scan button to begin with the process.

  1. It may take a while for the tool to analyze your site. Once the results are displayed, you will be able to see where your link is redirecting. You will be able to see if it is pointing to any unwanted sites. Usually, the issue is that one of the ads on your site is forcing to download some application/software on visitor’s machine which immediately triggered Google to flag your site.
  2. Once you locate the issue with your site, you can easily solve the issue by removing the linked site from your website.
  3. You should also visit the below link in order to see how your site is behaving at Safe Browsing Diagnostic page.

  1. Make sure you replace the site URL ( with your site URL.
  2. Once you do this, you will know if your site is listed as Suspicious in Google or whether your site has hosted any malware. If your site is listed as suspicious, you will find the reason there itself that Google says this site contains harmful programs.
  3. Now that you have found the issues and solved them, the next step is to tell the Google to unflag your site so that visitors can visit your blog without seeing any warnings.
  4. In order to do so, Open your Google Webmaster Tool Account and navigate to the Security Issues option from the navigation bar located to the left.

  1. There, you will be able to find issues with your blog and those will probably be the same ones you have fixed in the steps above. Tick the checkbox next to the ‘I have fixed these issues’ option and click on the Request a Review option.
  2. The process of reviewing your site might take from a couple of hours to a couple of days but your site should be unflagged in this time which means users who try to visit it won’t receive the red warning message.

  1. You should receive a message on your Google Webmaster Tool account saying that there is no more malware on your site.

Solution 2: Bypassing the Warning and Accessing the Site Anyway

As we have already mentioned, you shouldn’t visit a site marked with this warning unless you are absolutely sure that the site is genuine. In general, this warning may appear for a website which is linking to something suspicious on one of tits domains but the entire website itself doesn’t have to be malicious.

A good example would be a torrenting site where anyone can post anything they want which means some users may link or post malicious content but the website itself is not malicious. You can easily bypass this warning by Google Chrome simply by following the set of instructions below:

  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to the suspicious site you have intentions of visiting
  2. When the red warning window appears explaining that Google has marked this website as malicious, click on the Details option located at the bottom of the page and click on it.
  3. The website should now load in no time. If you really need this website but if you find out that there are some suspicious links located on it, you can use some of the famous ad and malware-blocking extensions from the Google Store.


There is a certain shortcut for bypassing certain validations from Google Chrome. There are several occasions for when Google Chrome might ask for validation before proceeding to actually open the page such as harmful programs on the site, malware, or SSL certificate validation. You can skip of all of these warnings by following the steps below:

  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to the suspicious site you have intentions of visiting
  2. When the red warning window appears explaining that Google has marked this website as malicious, type in “badidea” on your keyboard and Google Chrome should proceed to load the website.
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Fix: The site ahead contains harmful programs

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