Fix: Surface Pro 3 Stuck on Surface Screen

Surface Pro is one of the most popular Tablets series by Microsoft. Although, Microsoft doesn’t produce laptops and tablets but this series has done a good job when it comes to the number of units sold. The design, specifications and everything related is amazing and people are loving it.

Despite its tremendous design and performance, there are some glitches reported by the users. One of the most notorious issues with surface pro 3 is Frozen Display.

This is pretty annoying and a lot of users have lost their data while working on their Surface Pro 3.

surface pro 3 freezes

Reasons Behind Surface Pro 3 Frozen Display:

Currently, there are no specific reasons causing this issue. According to a majority of user’s reviews, display of Surface Pro 3 freezes randomly. Sometimes, it happens while switching between apps, while on the other hand, it is also reported that display freezes when their Surface pro 3 is at rest. So, in order to know the reason for its display to freeze, you should give a try to know what you were doing when it froze.

Solution to Fix this Problem:

There is no specific solution to solve this freezing issue with Surface Pro 3. You can try the following methods below and check if these work for you.

Method # 1: Using the Volume Key

If the display freezes at sometime, you may need to give a try to force shutdown. For the sake of shutting it down forcefully, follow the steps below.

1. Turn-off your Surface Pro 3.

2. Now, you will need to hold Volume Up + Power buttons for a span of 15 seconds.

3. After holding the buttons for 15 seconds, release the buttons and wait up to 10 seconds.

4. Restart the Surface Pro 3 after waiting for 10 seconds and hopefully, it would be a happy moment for you.

 surface pro 3 freezes1

Method # 2: General Solution

If above method doesn’t solve your issue, you can use this method to find the way of fixing it.

1. Make sure that the firmware on your Surface Pro 3 is up to date. You can check it inside Settings > Update and Security.

2. Also update your drivers to the latest ones and make sure that they are no corrupted devices attached to the Surface.

3.If anything doesn’t seem to solve this issue, you can restore or install a clean copy of Windows on your Surface Pro 3.


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Fix: Surface Pro 3 Stuck on Surface Screen

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