Fix: Steam Not Downloading Games

Steam is a perfect solution for gamers looking to keep everything neat and organized but every program has its flaws and certain errors are bound to occur no matter what you do. There are many different causes for each issue and some things can disrupt your gaming experience without you doing anything. Errors are usually easy to fix since there are a lot of online forums related to Steam but people sometimes fail to realize that each computer is different in the sense that it contains different applications that might have affected Steam negatively.

Downloading Steam Games

This is probably the most annoying problem you could experience with your Steam client because downloading is its primary function. The real problem is that you can’t play your Steam games before they are updated to their latest version and this issue ensures that you can’t really use Steam at all as soon as a new update comes out for games in your library. The issue does not send any warning or a message to the user and all that you are able to see is the fact that your top priority game in the download queue is not downloading. It just says “Starting” but nothing ever changes.

A lot of things can be causing this issue but know that a lot of people are not so keen on the whole process of fixing it because you never know which solution is going to work out in the end.

Start off by changing the server you are downloading from. This can be easily changed by going to Steam Settings and selecting the Downloads tab. Here, you will find an option opting for you to change the server to download from. Steam automatically chooses the server closest to you and you should also choose the one relatively near to your location.

Changing the download server

If this does not fix the problem, try refreshing Steam files with the “steam://flushconfig” command. This command refreshes Steam’s core files and it can be achieved simply by copying the command without the quotation marks to the Windows “Run” dialog box.

Running the command on Windows

Your last option regarding the Steam client directly should involve reinstalling the client. This should be your last option because you will have to redownload each one of the games from your Steam library. This can be a lengthy process but it might just do the right thing and fix your downloading issue.

Antivirus Issues

Additionally, it might your antivirus software that is causing the issue and not letting Steam connect to the Internet and download your game updates. Open your antivirus settings and check whether it’s blocking one of your Steam files from accessing the Internet. Apart from that, open the quarantine and see whether your Steam files have created a false positive and if they have been quarantined by the antivirus. Try creating an exception for Steam client in your Windows Firewall settings.

Try starting Windows in Safe Mode with Networking and see if the download is going to start. If this fixes your issue, it may be one of the recent drivers or applications you installed that is causing the issue.

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Fix: Steam Not Downloading Games

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