Fix: Skype Can’t Hear other Person

Some users have been complaining about losing the ability to hear the other person/s when engaged in a Skype conversation. While this bug has been a constant occurrence for several years, it seems like the frequency is much higher on Windows 10.

If you’re currently struggling with this issue, we have managed to identify a fix that seemed to be effective for a lot of users encountering this situation on Windows 10. But before you start following it, please make sure that your hardware checks out and you’re running the latest available Skype version.

Enabling Skype from Windows Privacy Settings (Windows 10)

Most of the time, this particular issue is caused by a Windows 10 feature that prevents some apps from using the active microphone. Luckily, the fix is quite simple.

Let’s see if this is the source of your issue by checking if Skype is prevented from using your Microphone. Here’s a quick guide on how to do this and change the Privacy settings on Windows 10 in order to fix the issue:

  1. Press Windows key + R to open up a run command. In the Run window, type “ms-settings:privacy-microphone” and hit Enter to open the Microphone tab of Windows 10’s Settings.
  2. First, make sure the toggle directly under Let apps use my microphone is set to On.
  3. Scroll down through the application list and make sure that your Skype app has access to your microphone. If the toggle next to Skype is set to Off, turn it On to grant Skype access to your microphone.
  4. Reboot your computer and see if the issue has been resolved and you’re able to hear the other person through Skype.

If this method didn’t enable you to hear the other person on Skype, you can also try using the built-in version of Skype (only available on Windows 10) and see whether you encounter the same issue. You can access the built-in Skype version by searching for it via the Start bar.

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Fix: Skype Can’t Hear other Person

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