Fix: Sent an incorrect greeting 4.3.4 allocated resources exceeded

If you are using Thunderbird then you might see the error message “Sent an incorrect greeting 4.3.4 allocated resources exceeded” when sending an email. This error message will appear occasionally so it isn’t something that you always have to deal with. But, when the error message starts appearing, it will keep appearing for a short amount of duration. Generally, you will be able to send the email eventually if you keep trying. The error message pops up randomly so you won’t be able to predict it as well.

The reason behind this issue isn’t clear but it is related to the mail server. The error message that appears in an x.x.x format (like 4.3.4) is an error message originated in the mail servers. So the problem is caused by something that only the mail provider will know. This issue is usually common among the Century Link mail provider users.

Method 1: Contact your Mail Provider

Since the problem is from your mail provider’s end, there is not a lot that you can do here. One of the things that you can, and should, do is to contact your mail provider and tell them about this issue. Your mail provider might have an issue or they might work and fix this for you.

Method 2: Edit as new message

This isn’t a solution but more of a workaround and it doesn’t always work. So, if you really want to send an important email and you keep seeing this error message then follow the steps below to check whether it resolves the issue or not.

  1. Go to your sent directory
  2. Locate the email message that is getting the error or the email that you want to send
  3. Right click the email and select Edit as new message

  1. This will open up the email as a new message and you can resend it. Simply click Send and the email should go without any issues.

Method 3: Sign in to Webmail Server

Again, this isn’t a permanent solution and doesn’t work for everyone but it should resolve your issue till your mail providers provides a permanent fix.

Here are the steps you need to follow to fix this issue

  1. Once you see the issue, keep the ThunderBird open and go to your Webmail provider’s portal
  2. Sign in to your Webmail provider’s portal and keep it open as well
  3. Now simply come back to the ThunderBird and try to send the email again. The email should go without any issues.

Method 4: Delete Emails from Webmail Server

Note: This solution is specifically for Century Link users but you can try it as well if you have a different mail provider.

This issue might be caused by undeleted emails on your Webmail server as well. Sometimes, when you clear the messages from your ThunderBird, the Century Link doesn’t delete those messages from their servers. So, you keep seeing that the messages are deleted but they are only deleted on the ThunderBird and not the actual server. So, simply going to the Century Link Web Mail and deleting the old messages usually resolves the issue for a lot of users.

  1. Once you see the error message, open the Century Link Webmail and sign in
  2. Navigate through your old messages and delete the ones you don’t want.

Once done, simply come back to ThunderBird and try to send the messages again. It should work fine now.

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Fix: Sent an incorrect greeting 4.3.4 allocated resources exceeded

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