Fix: PS4 Fan Loud

PS4 is one of the leading consoles out there in the industry right now. It is manufactured by Sony and definitely lives up to its expectations. It also gives great competition to Xbox One in terms of gameplay, graphics, portability, and durability.

Like all other gaming consoles, PS4 also has a cooling mechanism installed. The principle behind cooling is the same as like for all other computing devices. The processor unit and the other modules require extensive cooling whenever they are operating. There have been numerous complaints regarding the PS4 getting all jacked up and producing huge amounts of noise whenever the fan operates.

Initial troubleshooting

Before we start opening up the console, we should first get in-depth information regarding the mechanisms involved. There are several sources of noise coming from the PS4. These noises can be from the disc drive, the hard drive, or the cooling fan. If the PS4 is getting louder and louder, it probably means that the noise is coming from the cooling fan.

If the problem is with the cooling fan, there is good news as this can be solved quite easily without any advanced workarounds. First, you should make sure that the PS4 is placed in a well-ventilated area. If you are placing it in a closed area, there will not be enough air flow to help the cooling system. This will, in turn, cause the fan to rotate faster to balance the problem.

You will notice the slots on the console specifically designed to input and output air. If the passage is blocked by any items placed near it, the fan will get louder. Place the console in a well-ventilated area and make sure that there are no objects around it. Placing the PS4 in a cabinet can also disrupt the airflow.

Tip: You can try placing the PS4 in a vertical position. This may eliminate the bad airflow and fix the problem.

Solution 1: Cleaning the dust

If initial troubleshooting doesn’t provide any profitable results, you can try cleaning the console using a can of compressed air. It is advised that you do not use a vacuum. This may build up electrostatic charge and cause even bigger problems.

Note: Opening the PlayStation yourself will void the warranty and you will not be able to claim any damages. Make sure you are aware of this fact before proceeding.

  1. Unscrew the screws on the PS4 using the appropriate screwdriver. Once the screws are out, lift the cover from the edge.

  1. Once the lid is off, use a clean cloth to clear all the dust in it.

  1. Now gently use the compressed air into the fan vents so all the dust accumulated in it goes away. This is a temporary solution but if it works, why not give it a shot.

  1. After cleaning all the parts, screw the cover back again and place the console at its location. Now fire it up and see if the loudness went away.

Tip: You can also use earbuds to do the job if you don’t have compressed air to help you.

Solution 2: Stopping PS4 from moving because of bad balance

Like we explained above, the noise coming from the PS4 doesn’t only consist of the sound of the fan. The sounds are the combination of disk, processor, and the fan. There are also some cases where the console is unstable and because of the operations going on inside, it may be moving on the outside too and producing noise because of bad balance.

In that case, you have to purchase Rubber Leg Tips. It is a kind of rubber which acts to stabilize your PS4 and bring symmetry to the console. You can easily find them on the market and attach them to their respective slots. They are mostly attached in the corners of the console.

Solution 3: Cleaning further

If the noise still doesn’t stop, it probably means that your processor is overheating because either the heatsink is not doing its job or there isn’t enough paste present to help with the cooling. In Solution 1, we only opened the lid and tried to clear the dust. Here you should open the PS4 and apply the paste on the processor and see if there are any problems with the heat sink.

If you are required to open the entire console, it is recommended that you seek help from a professional technician. If you still have a warranty, you can contact the customer service and talk about this issue with them. If the piece you are using is faulty and you still have a warranty, hopefully, Sony will help you getting the console replaced without any problems.

Tip: If all these physical actions doesn’t solve this, you should make sure that the excessive noise isn’t coming because of users playing a heavy and extensive game. The more heavy game you play, the further the fan will spin to cool the processor. Also, make sure that the sound isn’t produced because of the CD drive spinning.

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Fix: PS4 Fan Loud

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