Fix: pidc.txt error on Startup on Windows 10

Windows has remained the most popular operating system in the world. While it has a few shortcomings from time to time, some are not the operating systems fault. A few users have been receiving a textbox error on startup indicating that “The file C:\Windows\temp\pidc.txt could not be opened. The system could not find the file specified.”

The edition configuration (EI.cfg) file and the product ID (PID.txt) file are optional configuration files that you can use to specify the Windows edition and the Windows® product key during Windows installation. You can use these files to automate the product-key entry page in Windows Setup instead of using an answer file. If you use an EI.cfg file to differentiate volume license media, but you do not include a PID.txt file, the user receives a prompt for a product key to continue Windows Setup. However, the error is not asking for a Windows Product ID file since it is named PIDC.txt and not PID.txt. Creating a blank pidc.txt file in the C:\Windows\temp\ directory does not solve the issue nor does adding random text into the file. This article will explain why the issue error occurs and how to get rid of it.

The pidc.txt error is associated with the Comodo CIS version 10.x. The free internet security software tries to get the Comodo Product ID key during startup despite being a free version. One way to handle it would be disabling Comodo from startup using Autoruns. However, this creates another issue where the keyboard fails to function. It has been found that the error is due to a bug in Comodo CIS version 10. The bug has not yet been acknowledged but could have been patched in newer versions. If you are getting this error, the first thing you will have to do is to update Comodo CIS to a newer version. If the error persists, you would be better off uninstalling Comodo.

Uninstall Comodo Internet Security (CIS) using Revo Uninstaller Pro

You are not going to find Comodo in the programs and feaures window most of the time. Sometimes, even uninstalling it from the programs and features will still show it running in the security center. You will need a special tool to uninstall CIS. With Revo Unistaller Pro, you get a 30 day trial period to uninstall stubborn programs.

  1. Download Revo Uninstaller Pro free trial from here
  2. Run and install it. Launch the app after installing
  3. Wait for apps to load
  4. Locate Comodo CIS and double click on it
  5. Revo uninstaller will back up your system and create a restore point.
  6. The native uninstaller for Comodo CIS will start. Click on ‘Next’
  7. On the next page click on ‘Remove’
  8. You will now need to tell Comodo why you are uninstalling CIS. Type a feedback and click “Send Feedback and Uninstall”
  9. Click ‘Remove’ on the next page and wait for it to complete then click ‘Finish’
  10. Revo Uninstaller pro will now scan for any remaining components. This includes the components that still show CIS in the security center.
  11. In the Revo Uninstaller Pro window, choose ‘Advanced’ and click “Scan”
  12. Wait for the scan to complete. You will be shown the residual registry components. Select all the found components by clicking the “Select all” button. Click on ‘delete’ and wait for it to complete
  13. You will now be shown the residual file and folder components. Select all the found components by clicking the “Select all” button. Click on ‘delete’ and wait for it to complete
  14. Some files and folders might remain but they will be deleted on restarting the PC.
  15. Restart your computer to delete any files remaining.

If you had already tried uninstalling Comodo from the program and features window but it still shows up at the security center, you can remove if using the forced uninstall. Simply type ‘Comodo’ and do an advanced scan. You can install MBAM as a substitute to CIS. Along with Windows firewall, it will give you the same features as Comodo CIS.

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Fix: pidc.txt error on Startup on Windows 10

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