Fix: Outlook 2016 Freezes When Previewing Excel Files

MS Outlook is a personal favorite for many users worldwide. It comes loaded with multiple features and convenience that has made Windows users addicted to it. Just like any other program or software, this one too has certain shortcomings and issues that are troubling its users since the start.

Outlook sometimes hangs and freezes for short term, and there are several reasons for the same. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Do not have the latest updates.
  2. Outlook can be used by another process.
  3. Outlook downloads external content, such as a letter image.
  4. Previously installed add-on prevents the Outlook.
  5. Mailboxes are too large.
  6. AppData folder is redirected to a network folder.
  7. Perhaps you want to restore an Office application.
  8. Perhaps, Outlook data files have been damaged.
  9. Anti-virus software installed on your computer is out of date or conflicting with Outlook.
  10. Corrupted user profile.
  11. Another program is conflicting with Outlook.

One common phenomenon noted amongst the users is Outlook application freezing as soon as the device owners selected any Excel file in Preview mode. Though this freezing does not lasts longer than a few seconds, yet for those who deal with it find it irritating, frustrating and time-consuming.

  1. Do you get any error message when this issue happens? No, there are no messages or errors shown
  2. When was this problem started? It started out since the month of September 2016
  3. Even the clicks you make during this freeze time work as soon as the device gets unfroze.

How to get rid of this freeze problem? Try the steps below:

Method 1: Keep Outlook Open

  1. Do not click or restart the Outlook as most probably the freezing phenomenon will be over within 5 to 10 seconds of the start. The team of Microsoft is working on this issue.
  2. If you have Outlook 2013 or any other version of MS Office product, then you need to upgrade it to the latest versions of Excel files.
  3. Upgrade your MS office to the 2016 version for better compatibility.

Method 2: Update the Excel

  1. Open any of MS Office application or Outlook and go to File. From there, click on the Office Account option.
  2. Choose Update settings and then select “Update”.
  3. Choose 2016 version for the update and follow the wizard.

Method 3: Check your Add-ins

If updating your MS office does not help, follow the below command of actions:

Investigate the possible issues with Add-ins. While they are meant to enhance User experience yet sometimes, they can cause trouble. Follow the steps:

  1. In Windows 10 -> Choose starts, Go to All Apps and select Windows system and then Run. If you have Windows 8, then click Run from the Apps menu. And if Windows 7, click on start only.
  2. Now, Windows 8 and 10 users need to type “Excel/Safe in their run box and press enter
  3. The Windows 7 users need to type the same command in program and files and click OK
  4. Now follow the path File > options> Add-in
  5. Choose COM adds and press Go. Do not forget to clear all the check box from the list
  6. Click Ok, press close and restart to see the results.

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Fix: Outlook 2016 Freezes When Previewing Excel Files

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