Fix: Lumia 550 Stuck at Downloading Insider Updates

There’s no doubt that Microsoft is releasing a lot of updates for Windows 10 whether it’s the Desktop or Mobile phones. If you are one of the Lumia users then you must be familiar with Microsoft updates especially if you are a member of their Insider program. The Microsoft Insider is a program that releases the newest builds for the registered users to check for any bugs etc. It is a great way for users especially the ones who want to get the latest features as quickly as possible. However, most of the updates are quickly released and have a lot of bugs so you have to deal with those. Recently, some users aren’t able to get the newest updates for their Lumia. The problem seems to be exclusive only to the Lumia 550.

This is a known problem and has been admitted by the Microsoft officials. If you are having trouble downloading the updates or your phone get stuck during the update or it gives an error like 8007007B then that means you might have to wait for the next update.

However, sometimes when the new build releases, your phone might not be able to get the new update (by skipping the one that was causing the problem). Your phone might also show that it is updated to the latest build without even installing the update. These issues can be solved with the Microsoft Recovery tool. Follow the methods given below to solve these issues.

Fix Using Microsoft Recovery tool

Note: This method will remove all your personal files and apps. So, backup your data if you don’t want your personal files to get deleted.

  1. Go here and download the Windows Recovery tool. This tool will download the most recent stable Windows version on your phone.
  2. Install the tool by double clicking the downloaded file. Follow the on-screen instructions
  3. Launch the application once it is installed
  4. Connect your phone with USB data cable to your PC
  5. Wait for the software to detect your phone
  6. Once it is detected, select Install Software

This might take a while depending on your internet speed. So wait patiently.

Once the Software is installed, your phone will be updated to the most recent Windows Version that is approved for your phone. Now follow the steps given below to update to the Latest builds

  1. Connect your Wi-Fi. Do not connect your Microsoft account to the phone yet.
  2. Go to All apps > Settings > Update > Phone update. Wait for the Phone to find and update.
  3. Go to All apps > Settings > System > About > Reset your phone
  4. Now connect your Wi-Fi again and do not connect your Microsoft account to your phone.
  5. Go to All apps > Settings > Update > Windows Insider Program > Getting Started: Add you Microsoft Account to the phone
  6. Go to All apps > Settings > Update > Windows Insider Program > Level: Fast
  7. Go to All apps > Settings > Update > Phone update.

Wait for the Phone to update. Now your phone will be updated to the latest OS build suitable for your phone.

If your phone was updated to Windows 8 after the Windows Recovery tool then download the Windows Insider Program app from the app market. Select Level Release Preview to get the Windows 10. Once you have Windows 10 then start from step 4.



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