Fix: LG G4 Won’t Turn On

Here’s one thing I’ve learned from being involved with mobile technology – no company is immune to technical malfunctions, no matter how hard they try. LG has put a lot of effort into making their phones as reliable as the technology allowed, but that doesn’t mean they won’t break down when you least expect.

G4 is perhaps one of the most vulnerable LG models when it comes to technical issues that will render your smartphone useless. This is even more common on LG G4 models manufactured before September 2015.

Even LG’s Head of US Marketing acknowledged there’s a problem with the G4 model. If your LG G4 phone won’t turn on or boot up anymore, there are a few fixes you can try before sending it for a repair or asking for a replacement. Please be advised that the following fixes won’t be effective with physically broken phones or the ones came into contact with water.

However, if your LG G4 won’t turn on, reboots for no apparent reason or it’s getting stuck in a boot loop no matter what you do, go through each of the guides below until you find a fix that works for you.

First things first

Before we dive into advanced technical aspects, let’s eliminate some potential culprits that might cause your problem:

  • Open the back cover, remove the battery and check to see if it’s bloated. If it’s swollen, remove it immediately. If you keep a faulty battery for too long, it will end up damaging your device to the point where a new battery won’t help. If that’s the case, replacing the battery ASAP is the only way to fix it.
  • If the battery looks normal, take it out and use a soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe off the gold connectors on it. Repeat the procedure with the connectors present on the device itself. Wait a while and power it on again to see if that fixed the problem.
  • Make sure there is no dirt or lint stuck inside the charging port. Use a small pair of tweezers, toothpick or needle to carefully remove any junk. Finish off with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to get rid of any remaining dirt.
  • Connect your device to a different charger. Any generic Micro-USB charger will do. If the display lights up and indicates that it’s charging (and it didn’t before), you need to replace your charger with a new one.
  • Random rebooting and boot looping on G4 is often linked with a MicroSD card conflict. Try turning your device off, remove the SD card and see if that corrected its behavior. If that’s the case, connect your SD card to a different device and perform a complete wipe before inserting it back into your LG G4 smartphone.

Method One – Performing a Soft Reset

This is similar to physically removing the battery. It does not cause any loss of personal data on the device. Press and hold the power key for about 45 seconds. Once you hear a vibration and the phone starts to light up again, release the power button. If you manage to get past the booting screen, go to Settings > General > About phone > Update center and make sure you’re running on the latest OS version available.

Method Two – Performing a “Wipe Cache Partition” from Recovery Mode

Performing a wipe on the cache partition will often solve any software related conflict that might prevent your LG G4 phone from turning on. Keep in mind that performing this step won’t delete any of your personal data (photos, videos, contacts, etc.) or apps. All it does is remove any temporary data that your apps and your operating system use.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn off your device completely.
  2. Press and hold the power button + volume down button at the same time.
  3. Keep them pressed until you get past the LG logo screen.
  4. Once you see a message with “Recovery mode loading”, release both buttons.
  5. Use the volume down key to navigate downwards until you highlight “wipe cache partition”. It should be the fourth entry.
  6. Hit the power button to confirm your selection.
  7. When the process is complete, you should see a yellow text at the bottom of your screen that says “wipe cache partition complete”.
  8. Make sure the “reboot system now” is highlighted and hit the power button again to restart.

If your phone still doesn’t boot up, move on to the next method.

Method Three – Booting up in Safe Mode

It could be that a third-party app you recently installed is not playing nicely with the operating system. Since “Safe Mode” prevents any third-party apps from running, it will help us determine if one of the apps is responsible.

Here’s how to enter Safe Mode on LG G4:

  1. Make sure your device is completely powered OFF.
  2. Press the Power button and wait until the LG logo screen pops up.
  3. When it does, press and hold the Volume down button.
  4. The phone will restart again and most likely display your carrier’s logo. Don’t let go of the volume down button until the phone completely boots up.
  5. If you see the “Safe mode” icon in the bottom left corner you’ve done it correctly.

If you never got this far when trying to boot up in normal mode, then it’s clear one of your apps is causing the problem. If that’s the case, you should start removing apps that you recently uninstalled. If you installed apps from shady places that required you to enable Unknown sources, you should start with those.

Here’s how to uninstall them:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Apps.
  2. Tap on the app you wish to remove.
  3. Tap Uninstall and then hit OK to confirm.
  4. Repeat this procedure until you remove all apps that you think might cause the problem.

Method Four – Performing a Master Reset

If none of the above solutions worked, this might just do the trick. But keep in mind that a master reset will restore your phone to the factory settings. This means all your personal data present on internal storage will be gone. Data from the SIM card and SD card isn’t affected by this procedure.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn OFF your device completely.
  2. Hold the power button + volume down button.
  3. When you see the LG logo, release the power button and re-hold it again after 1 second while keeping the volume down
  4. Release both buttons when the factory data reset screen appears.
  5. Use the volume keys to highlight Yes and hit the power button to confirm.
  6. Press the Power button again to reset your device.

Restart your phone and see if it boots up completely.

Hopefully, one of the methods above has managed to resume the normal functionality of your LG G4 smartphone. If nothing worked, you have little choice but to book a trip to your carrier store or warranty office and ask for a replacement / full repair.

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