FIX: iPhone 6 Error 53

The iPhone comes with a series of dreadful errors, one of which is error 53, which occurs when restoring or upgrading using iTunes. This error is particularly vexing for iPhone users. The most probable cause of error 53 is replacing the Touch ID (Home button) with an unoriginal Touch ID from another phone or using a broken flex cable.

Each Home button Touch ID sensor is encrypted with the serial number of its respective iPhone and is not interchangeable with other devices.

Therefore, using original accessories is mandatory.

Fortunately, for some users, Error 53 can be solved by replacing the basic accessory, i.e., the USB cable.

Follow the steps below in an orderly manner to prevent error 53 on an iPhone.

iphone error 53

Method 1: Changing the USB Port or Cable

Error 53 is highly associated with hardware problems, so replacing the USB port might do the trick. If not, replace the USB cable with another one. Keep in mind; only use the original accessory and connect your iPhone to the computer with the latest iTunes already installed on it.

Arguably, this has worked for many iPhone users, but not for everyone.

Method 2: Replace the cable connecting your Touch ID.

For this method, some prior knowledge of mobile technology is required. It’s a very simple process; anyone can do it by following the instructions carefully. However, this is not permission to disassemble your iPhone. For novice individuals, it is highly recommended to take your device to the nearest Apple center and have it repaired.

Please be patient and follow these steps.

1. Disassemble your iPhone device. (To disassemble the iPhone, loosen the screws at the bottom of your device and pop the cover out.)


2. Upon disassembling the device, locate the Touch ID (Home button) next to the home button. There will be a cable connecting your Touch ID to the motherboard of the device, which is covered by a panel.

error 53 - disassemble 1

3. In order to remove the panel, you will need to loosen the screws on the small plate over the touch.

4. Next, gently remove the Touch ID from the phone. Be careful, as you don’t want to damage the flex cable. I recommend using tweezers to disassemble the Home button.

error 53 - disassemble 2

5. Now that you have removed the home button, remove the panels by simply loosening the screws from the side of the phone.

error 53 - disassemble 3

6. Now that you have removed the panel, you will see the flex cable protruding from the end of the panel.

7. Simply remove the cable from the panel by peeling it off and replace it with the new one. This could be tricky for some beginner technicians; in that case, you can simply buy the whole panel from the hardware store.

8. Now that you have replaced the cable or panel, assemble it exactly the way you took it off.

9. Tighten the six screws on the side.

10. For the next step, place the Touch ID back into the phone and connect the flex cable to the Touch ID.

error 53 - disassemble 4

11. Now place the small plate back on the touch ID and tighten the screws.

12. Make sure you connect everything perfectly. Now, assemble your phone back together.

13. Restore your iPhone using the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. There is a 99% chance that Error 53 will not occur this time.

You can also view the video instructions here.


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