Fix: IOCTL_Set PTPMode could not be found

Windows 10 is revolutionary operating system. Though there are a few common errors that are being addressed, there are few isolated errors that users continue to receive. One such error is a DLL error that appears on startup. The error indicates that the IOCTL_Set PTPMode could not be found. Although you can continue with your system after you click OK, the error will reoccur on restarting your PC. We are going to explain what this error means and how you can fix it on your computer.

What is IOCTL_Set PTPMode?

First we will begin off by explaining what IOCTL means. In computing, IOCTL (an abbreviation of input/output control) is a system call for device-specific input/output operations and other operations which cannot be expressed by regular system calls. The device input and output control (IOCTL) is and interface through which an application can communicate directly with a device driver. This way, this interface controls how data is copied into or from your devices.

Previous, USB devices were connected as UMS (USB Mass Storage) which exposed the storage of your phone or device to your PC. You would need to connect and disconnect your storage from your phone settings and it could only be available to either the PC or the device at a time. However, most devices now use a MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) to transfer files. This makes the storage available to both the device and your PC and makes it less susceptible to virus attacks. To copy files, the IOCTL is invoked to start the MTP mode and use it along with the device drivers to transfer data.

There is a similar protocol to the MTP known as PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) that is meant for cameras. If you connect your android device as a PTP, it will connect as a camera and you will only be able to transfer camera photos and images. To copy pictures, the IOCTL is invoked to start the PTP mode and use it along with the device drivers to transfer data.

Why IOCTL_Set PTPMode could not be found

This means that all the above transfer protocols including PTP must be initialized during startup and be ready for use when needed. Since the protocol did not launch on startup, devices that utilize this protocol will throw an error or will fail to connect on your PC. The transfer protocols are housed in a .DLL file which usually has a registry key in order to function otherwise it will fail to run. If your get the error IOCTL_Set PTPMode could not be found it means that either the .DLL does not exist (the key refers to a non-existent file) or the other possibility is that the key itself does exists and therefore the service could not start successfully hence the error. During installation, Windows might have missed some files and therefore installed incorrectly.

How to fix error IOCTL_Set PTPMode could not be found

Here is how you can get rid of this error. If method 1 does not work, go to method 2.

Method 1: Remove IOCTL from startup using autoruns

Autoruns is a small utility that lists all the startup entries that are set to auto start. With this tool, you can uncheck the unwanted entries you want starting by itself.

  1. Download Autoruns from here
  2. Extract the zip, rightclick on Autoruns and run as administrator
  3. Autoruns will scan for all startup and login auto-starting applications, services and dlls.
  4. To find ioctl in the ‘Everything’ tab, presss Ctrl + F to open find, type ‘ioctl’ or ‘deviceiocontrol’ and press enter
  5. This will find IOCTL if it is a startup entry. Uncheck the checkbox on the left of this entry
  6. If IOCTL or deviceiocontrol was not found, change the user from the user menu and try again
  7. After removing ioctl from the startup entries processes, simply close autoruns and restart your PC and see if the error persists. Use method two if it reoccurs.

Method 2: Run a Windows 10 Repair Install

An impressive feature in Windows 10 is that, by running a repair install, you will fix all the system errors but keep your personal files and programs. You will need a Windows 10 media for this process. A DVD or an .ISO file (along with the Windows Media Creation Tool) will work fine. Simply launch you copy of Windows 10 and choose to repair.

For more details on how to run a repair install in Windows 10, visit our guide here.

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Fix: IOCTL_Set PTPMode could not be found

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