How to Fix HTC 10 Cannot Can Not Update Software OTA Error

This guide is for people who try to take an OTA update for the HTC 10, only to receive the message “Can not update software: There was an unexpected error and the file system may be corrupted. Please contact HTC support for further assistance”.

It’s unknown exactly what causes this, as it appears to happen to stock ROM users who haven’t really modified their devices, but there is a solution. We need to flash some files using fastboot commands, so you should have ADB installed on your PC – see Appual’s guide “How to Install ADB on Windows”.

This guide also assumes you have TWRP installed on your HTC 10 device. You can follow this Appual’s guide “How to root HTC 10” if not, as it contains links and instructions on flashing TWRP for the HTC 10.


Download the appropriate file below for your device. These files contain stock recovery and a customized android-info.txt that will restore your ability to download and install an OTA.

  1. Begin by enabling USB Debugging on your HTC 10. Do this by going into Settings > About > tap ‘Build Number’ 7 times until Developer Mode is activated. Then go to Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging.
  2. So now you need to download the file for your device from above. If you don’t know which version to download, connect your HTC 10 to your PC via USB, navigate to the main ADB folder, hold Shift + Right click and select “Open a command window here”.
  3. Now type into ADB ‘adb devices’. This should display your HTC 10’s serial number, if ADB can properly recognize your HTC 10.
  4. If all is well, type into ADB: ‘adb reboot bootloader’

  1. This will reboot your HTC 10 into fastboot mode. So now you want to type into ADB: ‘fastboot getvar all’
  2. This is going to display all of the necessary information about your device such as MID, CID, and current firmware and ROM versions. Use this information to choose the correct download provided above.

So now you also want to download TWRP System Image and Backup for your HTC 10, which contains an untouched system image and boot file. Here’s a list:

CID: HTC__001/HTC__034/HTC__A07/HTC__J15/HTC__M27/HTC__016/HTC__002 | MID: 2PS620000

CID: HTC__621 | MID: 2PS620000

CID: HTC__039/OPTUS001/VODAP021/TELNZ001 | MID: 2PS620000

CID: EVE__001 | MID: 2PS620000

CID: O2___102 | MID: 2PS620000

CID: BS_US001/BS_US002 | MID: 2PS650000

CID: T-MOB010 | MID: 2PS650000

CID: HTC__332 | MID: 2PS650000

  1. Now once you’ve downloaded the appropriate TWRP System Image and Backup, you need to decompress the entire .zip file, and copy that folder to your external SD card. It should look like /TWRP/Backups/<DeviceSerialNumber>/
  2. Now you need to boot into TWRP recovery. Do this by switching off your HTC 10, then press and hold Power + Volume Down together for a few seconds. When prompted, use the volume keys to select Reboot to Bootloader, and press Power to select your option.
  3. Once in the Bootloader menu, select Boot to Recovery and confirm. When the exclamation point is displayed, hold down Power button, then press and release Volume Up.
  4. So once you’re inside the TWRP main menu, select Mount.  Enable the checkbox to mount system as Read Only.
  5. Place a check next to the /System partition in the list of mounts.
  6. Go back to the main TWRP menu, and press Restore.
  7. Choose the TWRP System Image Backup folder you copied earlier in this guide.
  8. Check both System Image and Boot, then swipe to begin the restore procedure.
  9. When it’s finished, reboot into Download Mode, go back to home screen, hit Reboot / Download again.
  10. Now we’re ready to flash the appropriate .zip file from the beginning of this guide. So place the .zip file inside the main ADB folder on your computer.
  11. So in Download Mode, connect your HTC 10 to your PC via USB, and open a new ADB command window.
  12. Type into ADB: ‘fastboot oem rebootRUU’
  13. This will boot into RUU mode. So now type: ‘fastboot flash zip’
  14. This will flash the firmware package, and when its finished, you can type ‘fastboot reboot’ to reboot your HTC 10 to the main Android system.
  15. Once you’re inside the main Android system, you should now be able to receive OTA updates without any further issues.

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