Fix: Won’t Open on Edge

This error is experienced by users on Windows 10 and it prevents certain websites such as google (different regions) and from opening or displaying correctly on both phones and PCs. The problem only occur on Windows own browsers like Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. There are reports of other websites being inaccessible as well but the majority of the users are having trouble specifically for Google related websites. With this bug, you won’t be able to access certain websites from Edge or IE.

Microsoft reportedly claimed the problem was “related to token binding which is a security feature being worked on by Microsoft and Google”. So although we know the reason for this bug but we can’t really do anything about it except wait for the next updates. However, there are a couple of workarounds for this problem that are listed below.

Method 1: Using InPrivate Window

This is the recommended solution from the Microsoft Officials and is known to work for pretty much everyone who is having this problem.

While using the Windows own browsers like Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, use the InPrivate Window to open any Google related (or any other website that you were having trouble with) websites. This will successfully open the websites without any problem.

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge
  2. Click on the More option (3 dots on the top right corner)
  3. Select New InPrivate Window.

Now open the website that you were having trouble with and it should work fine.

Method 2: Using a Different Browser

The good thing about this problem is that it only effects the Windows own browsers like Microsoft Edge. So you can easily use other browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. These browser are known to work without any issue so it’s advised to switch to these browsers until the problem is solved by the Microsoft.

If you don’t have any other browser, then you can always download them from their official sites. Simply go to the links provided below and pick the version suitable for your Windows.

Google Chrome: Download

Mozilla Firefox: Download

Method 3: Updating Windows

Since Microsoft has acknowledged the bug and reported that the bug will be removed from the next builds, updating your Windows will be a good solution for this problem. However, you will have to wait for the Windows updates. But don’t forget to update your Windows if you want this problem to get fixed.

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Fix: Won’t Open on Edge

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