How to Fix Face ID is Not Available on iPhone X after iOS 11.2 Update

Apple has hard times when it comes to iPhone X software problems. Shortly after they released iOS 11.2 to fix the rebooting issue due to date/time iOS bug, users reported another iOS flaw on their iPhone Xs – Face ID is Not Available. Wait, WHAT!?

Unfortunately, if you have updated your iPhone X to iOS 11.2, you might already have noticed that Face ID is NOT WORKING correctly on the first reboot after the update. At the moment when your iPhone X needs to scan your face, it shows this annoying “Face ID is not available” message.

The good news here is that this bug does not affect all iPhone X users. I successfully updated my iPhone X to iOS 11.2 and Face ID works without any issue. However, the number of affected users is not underestimating, and it is still growing. If your iPhone X is also suffering from this iOS 11.2 Face ID bug, follow the instructions below to fix the issue.

What is The Cause of Face ID Not Available on iPhone X

It is unclear what exactly is the cause of Face ID is not available on iPhone X. However, according to some Apple analysts, this issue may be caused by date and time changes manually made by users. And, changing the date and time to a particular day and month was one of the fixes for solving the rebooting issue due to the iOS date/time bug. So, if you have manually changed the date and time on your iPhone X, do not be surprised if experiencing this new Face ID issue. However, this Face ID issue can be solved really easy. And, if you want to get rid of it, follow the steps in the next section.

How to Fix Face ID Not Available on iPhone X

If we must note something in the whole story as a good thing, that undoubtedly will be how fast and easy you can fix the Face ID is Not Available issue. Here is what you should do.

Set the Date/Time to Automatically and Reboot

  1. After you enter your iPhone X home screen using your passcode, open the Settings app and tap on General.
  2. Now, go to Date & Time and make sure you turn on the toggle Set Automatically. (This toggle will adjust the date and time automatically)
  3. After you are done with that, reboot your iPhone X.
    1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see slide to power off.
    2. Slide the slider to turn the device off.
    3. Press and hold the sleep/wake button again to turn on your iPhone X.

After your iPhone X reboots, Face ID should work as usual. However, if still experiencing the same issue, try the following method.

Reset All Settings

Note: This step will revert all iPhone X’s settings to a factory condition.

  1. Go to Settings and open the General section, then tap on Reset.
  2. Tap on Reset All Settings and enter your passcode if required.

These 2 steps helped most of the affected users to solve the issue. If none of this helped you in fixing the problem, do not doubt to contact Apple’s support team.

Final Words

Face ID is probably the best and still unique iPhone X feature. And, using your shiny and expensive device without it, is definitely not an option. iOS 11.2 may bring some issues for Face ID on your iPhone, but thankfully the bug is pretty simple to fix. So, do not doubt to install iOS 11.2 if you haven’t already. Additionally, after the update, many users report snappier Face ID experience.

What is your Face ID experience on iOS 11.2? Are you experiencing the “Face ID is not available” issue? And, do these fixes helped you in fixing the problem. Let us know in the comment section below.

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How to Fix Face ID is Not Available on iPhone X after iOS 11.2 Update

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