FIX: Error Retrieving Information (RH-01)

One of the common error in Android phones; Error Retrieving Information from server RH-01, basically occurs during or before  the installation of a certain applications from Google Play Store and mostly Custom ROM users face this error. Common solution for this issue is to delete cache of Google Play Store application installed in your Android smartphone, or, you might need to flash the applications, or check for the correct date and time.

However, follow the given steps in order to solve the issue whether you’re a Custom ROM user or not.


Method 1 (Setting current Date and Time)

Major reason for this error is the incorrect current date and time. Jump to next method if you’re time is correct and up to dated.

Go to settings

Scroll down and search for Date and Time

Update your current time

Method 2 (Restoring Play Store)          

Go to System Settings

Navigate to Application Manager

Search for Google Play Store and tap on it.

Once you are inside the Google Play app settings:

First, tap on Force Stop

Tap on Clear Cache

then, tap on Clear Data

Go back to Application Manager.

Navigate to Google Framework and follow the same steps.

Method 3 (Re- Adding Google account)

Tap on settings.

Scroll down and select Accounts

Once you are in Account settings

Tap on Google

Your Google accounts will be shown to you

Remove your Google accounts

Restart your phone

After restarting your phone, re-add your google account

Note: Many Custom ROM/Rooted Android smartphone users encounter this error again in several weeks due to the Google Store security issues. However, Custom ROM/Rooted users can only get rid of this error for some time but not entirely. You may need to remove your Custom ROM or change your application store to never see this error.

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FIX: Error Retrieving Information (RH-01)

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