Fix: Error 927 On Play Store

Error 927 usually comes up when you are trying to download an app from PlayStore and when the app cannot be downloaded, error 927 is displayed. Android OS stores cache files for faster processing, and sometimes (outdated) or old cache files mislead the system. When this happens, the system becomes a mess because older cache files are replaced by new cache files (containing the errors) making your phone into a mess. Another common cause for the Error 927 is if the disk is full, and have run out of memory.

Before you proceed with the steps in this guide, make sure that your Android phone can connect and access the internet.

In this guide, i will show you how to fix this issue yourself.

Method 1: Clear the Cache

Go to Settings -> All and then select “Google Play Store


Tap or Select Force Stop. Then tap/select Clear Data and then Clear Cache.

Once this is done, try and install the app now. If  it still doesn’t works, then proceed to Step 4

Go to Application Settings -> All -> Google Play Store  and Choose Uninstall Updates.

And then try updating or installing the app that triggered this error.

Method 2: Check Storage

Go to Settings

Tap/Click SD Card & Phone Storage


You should be able to assess how much space is left. If there is no space left, then it is recommended that you delete unnecessary apps, pictures, music and photos to free up space. Once this is done, test and see if you can now install the apps.

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Fix: Error 927 On Play Store

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