Fix: Connection to Google is temporarily unavailable

Google Apps Sync helps you sync the Calendar, Mails and so many other things. This makes sure that your changes are always reflected back on other devices. Since syncing plays a vital role in keeping your data up-to-date on all the devices, it can create a lot of problems if it doesn’t work properly. One of these problematic cases is when your Google Apps Sync wont sync and its icon will turn grey. If you hover your mouse on the icon you will see a message Connection to Google is temporarily unavailable. This case, of course, will prevent you from syncing your emails.

The problem can be caused by your antivirus application. If you have a security application and recently changed the settings of the application then there’s a high chance that you antivirus is the culprit behind this error. On the other hand, wrong date & time can also cause this problem. So, nothing that isn’t solvable by a few simple steps.

Method 1: Check Antivirus

If you have an antivirus application then it is the number 1 contender for your problem. Even if you haven’t changed any settings recently, you should still have a look at your antivirus program. Try to disable the antivirus for a short while and check if it resolves the issue. The steps will vary from application to application but there usually is an option to disable your antivirus. Once you disable the security application, close Outlook or any other email related application and then try again. The sync should work properly now.

Method 2: Date & Time

It might seem stupid but it can cause this issue. If your time and, especially, date is off then the sync might not work. Follow the steps below to change your date and time.

  1. Hold Windows key and press R
  2. Type timedate.cpl and press Enter

  1. Click Change date and time…

  1. Now, select the correct time and date (if it isn’t correct).

  1. Click Ok
  2. Click Apply then select Ok

Now, try to use Google Apps sync again and check if it gives the same error again. The problem should be solved by now.

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Fix: Connection to Google is temporarily unavailable

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