Fix: Android ‘Network error, please try again later’ Error

Receiving error notifications via toast can be a bit annoying, especially if you have no idea which app is causing it – toast errors are unlike “com.xxxx has stopped working” error messages, because those generally tell you which app is misbehaving. But with toast errors, it can be maddening trying to figure out which app is causing the toasts.

The most common toast error message is “Network error, please try again later”, but this guide for determining the problematic app causing any other sort of toast messages. I will mention that if you’re in fact receiving the “Network error, please try again later”, it is most likely due to an app that syncs data in the background – like Google Drive, or something similar.

But to determine exactly which app is causing toast errors, we’re basically going to do is install a plug-in for Tasker called ‘AutoNotification’, which will intercept toasts and display the owner app. It’s fairly simple, though the setup is a little bit technical, so follow along closely.


  1. Download and install both Tasker and AutoNotification apps onto your Android device.
  2. Go into your phone’s Settings >Accessibility > enable AutoNotification Toast Intercept.
  3. Launch Tasker, and tap the “Profiles” tab.
  4. Create a new profile, and add the condition “AutoNotification Toast Intercept”. Don’t create any settings for this profile.
  5. Tap the “Tasks” tab, go into the profile you just created, and hit “Add New Task”. Give it a name like “Toast Identify”, and tap the checkmark button to save the new task.
  6. Go into the task, and tap “Add Task Action”. Make it display a pop-up, and set the text to:

%anapp – %anpackage

For Experts:

If you’re familiar with creating apps, you can create your own accessibility service that intercepts toasts and displays the owner app. You would need to expand your app to tap into AccessibilityServices, and add this code to your app:

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Fix: Android ‘Network error, please try again later’ Error

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