Get Ready for a New Perspective: First-Person Mode Likely to Be Introduced in Fortnite Next Season

In early February 2023, Fortnite players discovered a glitch that let them play in first-person mode. The glitch went viral quickly, and videos of it being in action were shared extensively across social media. However, Epic Games swiftly patched the glitch, which put an end to the fun. 

However, reliable Fortnite leakers and insiders have confirmed that First Person Mode will be officially available soon, probably next season (Chapter 4, Season 2). This news comes from HYPEX, who has a proven track record of accurate Fortnite leaks. 

Not only HYPEX but other well-known Fornite social media personalities are on the same page regarding the first-person mode in Fortnite, and their respective sources have confirmed the imminent arrival of the update.

The first-person mode will offer players a new way to experience the game, immersing them in action like never before. And the glitch earlier in February already gave the players the excitement of playing from an entirely new perspective. 

HYPEX has also confirmed that the first-person mode will be optional and the players will have a choice to on/off it like in many other battle royal games.

The interesting discussion will be that Fortnite has always been about the outfits/skins of the players, which have been a prominent aspect of the Fortnite brand. And Epic Games has always kept up with releasing new and trendy skins regularly. From Marvel Avengers to Star Wars, we have seen every popular character imaginable in Fortnite. 

And That is why the third-person perspective not only felt natural but more sensible, considering players have grinded or spent real money on acquiring the skin of their favorite character, and it is only right if they see it in action in the game. So, it will definitely be an exciting and new experience for the Fornite players. 

As always, taking leaks with a grain of salt is important until they are officially confirmed. However, given the source’s reliability and the overwhelming demand for a first-person mode, it seems likely that this leak will prove to be accurate.

What are your thoughts about this news? Do you want first-person mode in Fortnite? Let’s discuss this in the comment section below.


Abdullah Amin

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