First Look at Fortnite’s Upcoming Gifting System

Earlier this year, Fortnite developer Epic Games confirmed that a gifting system for the battle royale is in the works. Although they didn’t give us an exact date, a leak that popped up today indicates that the system is almost ready for release.

Discovered by CrossLeaks, Twitter user 1Jaren has managed to enable gifting in Fortnite and shared his findings on Twitter. A short video clip demonstrates how a player would send a gift, in this case, the Behold! emote:

In the item shop, a new option lets players purchase an item, say an emote, as a gift to give to another player. In the gift menu, players are able to select recipients and can send gifts to multiple players at once. However, each player can be gifted once every 10 days. Keep in mind that this is a leak, so this number may be changed before the system is finalized. When “wrapping” a gift, players can add a personal touch by writing a small message.

According to the gift menu, you will have the ability to send gifts to yourself, but they cannot be returned. Although the purpose of this feature is unclear, it tells us that gifts sent to other players can be returned.

Jaren, the person who leaked this information, claims that it came from the normal version of the game, not a “staging version” as many believe. With so many cosmetic items such as emotes, gliders, back bling, and more being added to Fortnite, a gifting system would be highly appreciated. Judging from the leaked footage, the gifting system looks about ready, but we still have no word from the developers regarding its status. Knowing their track record, we can probably expect an announcement from Epic Games in the coming weeks. Maybe in the future Fortnite might get a fully fledged trading system, too.

Farhan Ali
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