Firefox Quantum 63 expected to improve as out-of-process WebExtensions are introduced

Just recently, Mozilla has introduced a new feature to Firefox Quantum 63 which had previously been brought to other operating systems such as Windows (Firefox 56) and macOS (Firefox 61). This new release allows for Linux WebExtensions to run on their own process, separating them from those used for browser core and tabs. This switch towards out-of-process extensions will be activated in Linux by default. Through this latest feature, Mozilla expects that users will observe improvement in the browser’s performance, stability, and security with regards to extensions, once they are enabled.

As different iterations to Mozilla’s web browser were released in 2017 including a latest Rust-powered CSS engine, many other updates to the browser were also introduced. Since these updates, many others have also been brought to the market including an option for automatically blocking the autoplaying media and Windows 10 dark themes for Firefox Nightly builds. The latest improvement to WebExtensions has been received warmly in the tech community.

Mozilla had long been developing different aspects of Firefox and a prototype reportedly also existed since 2009 which was ultimately released to public in the mid of last year. Currently, as mentioned in Firefox Release Calendar, Firefox 63 is scheduled for a public release on the 23rd of October this year.

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Firefox Quantum 63 expected to improve as out-of-process WebExtensions are introduced

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