Firefox Premium Services For Enterprises Relies On ‘Windows Group Policy’ For Enhanced Privacy And Security Related To Bugs And Critical Fixes

Mozilla, the organization behind one of the most popular web browsers for computers running Windows operating system, has added yet another subscription service to Firefox. This time around, the new Mozilla Firefox premium subscription service is aimed at enterprises and business. The monthly subscription service will allow companies to have finer control over the settings within the continually updated Firefox web browser.

The new Mozilla Firefox subscription-based features will reportedly rely on ‘Windows Group Policy’ and should boost the privacy and security of web-based applications. Moreover, Mozilla is expected to grant preferential and prioritized reporting privileges to the “proactive notification of critical Firefox events”. Mozilla is clearly attempting to augment its revenue by introducing newer subscription models that extend some special features and access control methods to paying customers.

Mozilla Firefox ‘Paid Support’ Is A Premium Service For Enterprise Customers And It Costs $10 Per User:

Mozilla, a non-profit organization behind the Firefox web browser, has launched a new premium service for enterprise customers that use the open-source browser. Barely a year ago, the company announced Firefox Quantum for Enterprise, and it appears it is continuing its efforts to offer enhanced paid services within the Firefox web browser. The new commercial service launched by Mozilla is the second of its kind within the last week.

Earlier this month, the organization launched a new paid-for Firefox VPN service aimed at general users who value their privacy and are willing to pay extra for the same. The subscription-based service is called Firefox Private Network. Essentially, the service runs on Cloudflare infrastructure. The company offers one of the most robust Virtual Private Networks or VPN that anonymizes and securing the data sent and received through a web browser by rerouting the same through a remote and digital private network. The service is currently in the Beta testing phase and available only to users in the U.S. who have opened a Firefox account. Incidentally, an earlier experimental service was available for $10 per month. Mozilla offered the service in partnership with encrypted email provider Proton, and it was called ProtonVPN.

The newly introduced subscription plan for enterprises costs $10 per user. It essentially grants admins the ability to configure the browser using Windows Group Policy. Incidentally, Firefox Extended Support Release is currently free. Under the same, Mozilla offers enterprise customers a free basic version of Firefox. The version allows admins to submit bugs publicly and gives them access to a self-service knowledge base as well as community support.

The subscription-based model extends the same, and grants admins the ability to submit bugs privately. Moreover, admins get access to critical security fixes with a service-level agreement, a customer portal, “proactive notification of critical Firefox events”, and the ability to contribute to Firefox. There are a few more privileges which ordinary users of the free version of Firefox do not get. Interestingly, while Mozilla has confirmed the pricing of the premium subscription service, it hasn’t specifically mentioned the timeframe for the price.

Mozilla Firefox Premium Subscription Service To Compete With Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge?

Despite being a popular choice for web browser, Mozilla Firefox has been losing monthly active users. Although Firefox is regularly updated with new features and functionalities, and promises to be one of the browsers that treat privacy as a priority, Google Chrome is far ahead in active daily user numbers. Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge is steadily inching ahead in the enterprise segment with new functions and features.

The premium subscription packages could be Mozilla’s way of increasing revenue and staying relevant to multiple segments of users. Additionally, with the release of Firefox version 69, Mozilla is pushing a “New Tab” experience that contains curated content from Pocket, a bookmarking company Mozilla acquired back in 2017.

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Firefox Premium Services For Enterprises Relies On ‘Windows Group Policy’ For Enhanced Privacy And Security Related To Bugs And Critical Fixes

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