Firefox May Soon Let You Export Your Passwords As A CSV File

Unlike other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox lacks the ability to export passwords. Even though Firefox lists all the passwords saved in your browser, there is no option to export them to a separate file. Users are currently relying on third-party password managers or tools to back up their passwords.

It seems like Mozilla Firefox may soon get native password export functionality, which will allow you to directly export your passwords as a CSV file. As spotted by ghacks, a contributor has recently worked on a request posted 16 years ago to add a native password export option to the browser’s built-in password manager.

Firefox Nightly Has A Hidden Password Export Feature Now

A hidden feature is now available in Firefox Nightly, which once enabled, will provide the functionality to backup or export your passwords to a file. To access the password exporting option (as shown below), you will navigate to the address bar, and type about:logins to open the Firefox password manager.

Next, on the Login & Passwords screen, click on the Hamburger button (three dots), and select “export passwords to CSV” option to download the file on your PC. You can then use a spreadsheet application or a plain text editor to open the CSV file with all passwords and related information. The plain file can be used to import the data into various password managers.

Firefox export passwords
Firefox password export option

It is worth noting that your browser will download an unencrypted file and it’s up to the users to protect it. It is recommended that you should either put it into an encrypted storage space or container to prevent unauthorized access.

According to the developer, the password export menu item is currently hidden until some of the follow-up bugs are fixed. However, it shouldn’t be long before the feature gets enabled by default in Firefox Nightly, but apparently, it may take a while before it lands on the Stable version of Firefox.


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