Firefox for iOS Gets Updated: Brings Persistent Private Browsing and a Design Overhaul

Today Mozilla has updated their Firefox browser for iOS users. Firefox 15 includes a seamless private browsing experience and a new design layout for iPhone and iPad. A blog post was also published on The Mozilla Blog announcing the update.

Firefox 15 for iOS: What’s New

Persistent Private Browsing – This update for Firefox brings a lot of major changes, the most important one being an improvement to the private browsing experience. “Private browsing tabs can now live across sessions, meaning, if you open a private browsing tab and then exit the app, Firefox will automatically launch in private browsing the next time you open the app.” This means that you can now exit the app in the middle of a private browsing session and simply open the app when you wish to continue. This also means that closing the app will not close the private browsing tab now and you will have to manually exit the session.

New Design – The new update also brings a fresh layout for the menu and settings page. Apparently, it looks cleaner and simpler overall. “In the latest update of Firefox for iOS we overhauled both the Settings and Menu options to more closely mirror the desktop application”, the blog post explains. According to Mozilla, they had been collecting feedback from users consistently for a long time and this update is as a result of what the users requested for.

Options for the New Tab Page
Firefox Home
















You can now modify what the new tab page shows with choices like opening a specific website, Firefox Home, your bookmarks or a list of recently visited webpages. If you like to use Firefox Home as your new tab page, you can now re-order tabs and customize the space by dragging tabs around.

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