Firefox App For Android Latest Update Can Stream DRM-Protected Content At 720p And Includes Ability To Install Extensions

Mozilla sent out Firefox v85 update to the desktop or PC users last week and quickly followed up with Firefox v85 for Android. While the PC variant had substantial functionalities, the Android App merely had support for the installation of extensions. However, Firefox 85 for Android includes another change that enables DRM stream support on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

Mozilla has silently re-enabled the ability to play DRM-protected content on Firefox for Android with version 85. Moreover, the browser has software compatibility with Google’s Widevine DRM standard. This allows users to stream up to 720p resolution HD content from popular streaming platforms.

Mozilla Pushes Firefox v85 App Update For Android Smartphones With DRM Streaming Up To 720p:

Firefox v85 for Android has DRM stream support through compatibility for Google Widevine. Additionally, the new version 85 also allows users to install extensions and add-ons and brings security updates and multiple patches.

The ability to play DRM-protected content inside Firefox was available on the web browser for Android. However, Mozilla removed the same a few versions ago. Now it’s been quietly re-introduced. This means content from services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video can be played directly in the browser. Users need not head over to a separate app to load the content.

Firefox v85 App for Android has the ability to stream DRM-protected content because Mozilla added Google’s Widevine DRM software compatibility to its mobile browser. Needless to add, the majority of users would prefer to head over the dedicated apps to stream. But the having the ability to access DRM content in the browser is useful, even if entirely optional.

How To Stream DRM-Protect Content In Firefox v85 App For Android?

Firefox 85 on Android will ask users permission to start playing DRM-protected content. In other words, users will see a new prompt when they try to play DRM protected content. The facility is valid for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. The prompt will ask users if they want to ‘Always Allow’ the website to play DRM-controlled content. Tapping on the ‘Allow’ button will start the stream.

Users can change the setting at a later stage. Simply head over to Menu > Settings > Site permissions and set the desired preference. Users can either block DRM-controlled content by default or allow it to play without any future interaction. Users can also select the “Ask to allow” option. Doing so will force the browser to bring up the aforementioned prompt every time users try to play DRM-protected media on the website.

It is important to note that playing DRM-protected content on websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu is restricted to 720p resolution. In other words, the browser will downgrade any content with higher resolution.

In addition to the DRM Streaming support, Firefox 85 for Android includes a few usability improvements, such as memory optimizations and improvements to Top sites selection. Moreover, websites opened using a Collection link will no longer load content from the cache. This means users will have instant access to updated content.


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