Final Fantasy XVI ‘Ambition’ Trailer Showcases Epic Battles – Opens Up About Valisthea’s Kingdoms, Eikons and Dominants

With the release of the “Ambitiontrailer, Square Enix has given fans a deeper glimpse into the world of Valisthea, the characters, and the Dominants of Final Fantasy XVI.

The new Final Fantasy 16 trailer, “Ambition,” provides extensive context for the world of Valisthea and the different kingdoms and groups battling for control of it. Dominants, both male and female, are the native inhabitants of Valisthea, and they have the ability to summon Eikons. Clive Rosfield, a warrior known as the First Shield of Rosaria, and his younger brother Joshua, a Dominant who controls the power of the Phoenix, are set against this background. Square Enix claims that Clive’s actions in FF16 put him on “a dark and dangerous road to revenge.

A couple of the Eikon battles that will be fought between Dominants are briefly shown; producer Naoki Yoshida has already stated that no two Eikon battles would feel the same or utilize the same exact method. In an effort to attract a younger audience, Final Fantasy XVI appears to be taking the series in a new, more action-oriented direction.

A Snippet from the Trailer | Square Enix

In the teaser trailer, it is revealed that in the year 860, the Imperial Army would march onto Rosaria, and that “from the slaughter, shall a new shadow rise, to fall upon the Dominants, hinting their destinies, black as night.”  It’s obvious that certain Dominants are unsatisfied with how they’re regarded and viewed as outsiders in Valisthea because they’re connected to the power of Eikons and can essentially channel and turn into these entities. In the trailer, the revolt is labelled a “war of the Eikons,” suggesting that the title is well-suited.

The development of Final Fantasy XVI is being led by an all-star team of industry veterans, including Devil May Cry 5‘s Ryota Suzuki (who is serving as the game’s combat director), Last Remnant‘s Hiroshi Takai (who is serving as the game’s art director), and Hiroshi Minagawa (who is serving as the game’s main director).

In a press statement, Final Fantasy 16 director Hiroshi Takai stated that the studio has “turned its full attention to debugging and final adjustments.

It is anticipated that Final Fantasy XVI will be released on the PlayStation 5 and PC around the summer of 2023.


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