Slow Windows Search Forces Some Windows 10 Users To Switch To Third-Party Apps

Almost all of us have encountered situations when we lost a file on our system and found it difficult to track it down. It happens when we can’t really remember the exact location or name of the specific file.

As a rule of thumb, if you have more information about the file, you can improve the chances of finding it. Microsoft released Windows 10 with a powerful search box that lets you search for files stored on your PC. Recently, Microsoft overhauled the File Explorer in Windows 10 version 1909.

Previously, the search box used to provide suggestions in the drop-down menu as soon as a user started typing. It looks like Microsoft removed the search suggestions in the drop-down menu in the recent feature update. You need to press the Enter key every time you want to populate the search results.

However, some people reported various issues with the new search experienced. Those who installed the latest update reported that the File Explorer search isn’t working correctly. Moreover, others think that Windows Explorer is extremely slow at finding files.

It is worth mentioning that it is not a new problem. No, matter what version you are running, people have been complaining about the same for years. The search either consumes a significant amount of GPU power or becomes slow at finding files.

Microsoft Fails To Find A Solution For Slow Windows Search

As a quick reminder, Microsoft resolved some Windows 10 File Explorer issues for Windows Insiders. Unfortunately, Microsoft failed to provide a permanent solution to address the slow search problem. This issue forced people to stop using the Windows 10 File Explorer. Windows 10 users are actually moving to third-party apps for this reason.

I always stopped the search attempt. It takes forever and never finds anything for me. Either I lack the requiste skills or it isn’t user friendly.

Some people think that Windows search is a complete mess as compared to macOS:

“Windows search is a fiasco compared to MacOS which is lightning fast & somehow always manages to find what you need. Can’t remember a Windows on which this worked reasonably. Hard to understand how this can be so difficult.”

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft really needs to do something to fix this issue in Windows 10. In fact, it is a major problem that has been ignored for years.

Have you noticed a slow Windows search problem in Windows 10? Let us know in the comments section below.

Alex Schoff
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