FIFA 23 to Include Famous Ted Lasso and His Team AFC Richmond

The fictitious football club from the Ted Lasso television series, AFC Richmond, looks to be joining FIFA 23. A picture purports to show actor Jason Sudeikis being scanned for inclusion in the game as a manager in a tweet from the show’s account, to which EA’s FIFA profile subsequently reacted.

This report is consistent with the discovery made last week by a keen-eyed fan that AFC Richmond was among the teams temporarily mentioned on the FIFA 23 website.

In Ted Lasso, a failing football club named AFC Richmond recruits the main character, an American coach, to serve as their manager. The character named Sudeikis initially played in many advertisements for NBC Sports’ Premier League coverage.

Although we cannot confirm that this is the actor, it resembles the back of his head, and the picture was tweeted along with a mysterious message that only serves to spread the rumors.

“Look out, Mario! You’re not the only pixelated man with a [moustache] who never knows where the tube is taking him….”

The mention of “the tube” might reference the London Underground. AFC Richmond is headquartered in Richmond upon Thames, London, and seems to draw some influence from South London’s Crystal Palace. The reference to Mario makes it evident that this is for a video game.

FIFA 23 has recently made some unprecedented changes by collaborating with multiple organizations. A report from the previous month suggested that FIFA 23 will introduce the “FUT Heroes Card” for the first time concerning its partnership with Marvel. The lineup will include base editions and special editions for World Cup mode when added.

FIFA 23 will be on sale to the general public for the first time on September 27, three days before its official release date on September 30. For further leaks on FIFA 23, follow us daily to stay updated.


Muhammad Zuhair

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