FFXV Benchmarks Of AMD Radeon RX 5700, 5700XT and RTX 2070 SUPER Leaked: Battle Of The Unreleased Graphics Cards Begins

We reported that Nvidia plans to release another family of Graphics cards in the coming month. On the other hand, AMD has already announced that they will be releasing the first batch of Navi GPUs based on the RDNA architecture in the coming month too. We have been following the rumors and leaks around these graphics cards for quite a while now. We discussed the pricing and availability of the SUPER family yesterday. Now Wccftech has information regarding the performance that these upcoming graphics card may offer. It should be noted that these are rumored benchmarks one must take them with a grain of salt.

TUM_APISAK spotted these benchmarks in Final Fantasy Fantasy XV (FFXV) database. The database in question has already listed many unreleased graphics cards with their respective benchmarks.

These benchmarks were performed in 1440p resolution at the highest quality preset. Out of many benchmarks that you can see in the image below the RTX 2070 SUPER and AMD Radeon RX 5700XT are the most interesting ones. These graphics cards are directly competing against each other at the sub $500 category. AMD’s offering is slightly cheaper at $449 while the rumored price of the RTX 2070 SUPER is $499. Before we directly compare the benchmarks and specifications of both graphics cards it should be noted that Final Fantasy favors Nvidia’s architecture. The game is optimized to work best on Nvidia’s hardware. The small differences in the benchmarks will probably be due to the optimization.

Credits: Wccftech

AMD Radeon RX 5700XT

Radeon RX 5700XT is the first graphics card from AMD in many years that is not using the GCN architecture. Instead of GCN, the graphics card is based on the new hybrid RDNA architecture. Built on TSMC’s 7nm process the architecture offers a major improvement in years. We have extensively talked about the architecture here. RX 5700XT comes equipped with 40 compute units which result in a total of 2560 stream processors. With the new architecture, AMD announced a new metric called gaming clock. RX 5700XT is rated at a base clock speed of 1605 MHZ, the boost clock speed is 1905 MHZ and lastly, the gaming clock speed is 1705 MHZ.

AMD Radeon RX 5700XT

Like Nvidia, AMD is using 8GB of GDDR6 memory made by either Samsung or Micron clocked at 14Gbps. The memory has a respectable bus size of 256-bit, which results in the total bandwidth of 448GB/s.

According to statistics released by AMD, the RX 5700XT is at least on par with (if not ahead) the RTX 2070. The FFXV benchmark speaks otherwise. According to the benchmark, RTX 2070 performs significantly better than the RX 5700XT. The difference cannot be regarded as the optimization error as the former’s score is 18% less than the latter. Compared to the RTX 2070 SUPER, the difference is a little over 20%.


RTX 2070 SUPER will be the first graphics card by Nvidia under the SUPER SKU. It will be using the cut down version of the TU 104 GPU, which is referred to as TU 104-410. The specifications include a total of 2,560 CUDA cores, 320 Tensor cores, and 40 RT cores. The raw core difference is minimal in the case of RTX 2070 too. The VRAM they are using stays the same; they are using an 8GB GDDR6 module clocked at 14Gbps. The bus-size stays the same at 256-bit, which means the total bandwidth is 448GB/s.

The benchmarks should be taken with a (huge) grain of salt as the graphics card isn’t even announced yet. The graphics card scored a little more than the vanilla RTX 2070 which is on par with the rumored specifications of the graphics card. The difference is a little less than 5% through improved production and fabrication process could (hypothetically) lead to better results.

AMD Radeon RX 5700

AMD Radeon RX 5700 is the least specced card in the list. It will be directly competing against the RTX 2060 however RTX 2060 SUPER is on the way too. These graphics cards are placed at around $25 intervals, which makes the competition even fierce. It is believed that RX 5700 is made with a cutdown node used in the RX 5700XT. It has 36 compute units which result in the total of 2304 stream processors. The clock speeds are a little higher compared to its bigger brother though the difference is not much.

AMD Radeon RX 5700

The VRAM they are using is exactly the same found in the RX 5700XT. The graphics card could only score 4971 in the FFXV benchmark. The score is virtually similar to what the GTX 1660Ti offers, which means it will be very close to what the RTX 2060 would offer.


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