Xbox BR Teases Final Fantasy 7 Remake for Xbox, But It’s Still Up in the Air

Final Fantasy has become somewhat of a PlayStation exclusive, since some of the recent major releases of the franchise failed to make it to the green camp. Final Fantasy XVI, and Final Fantasy VII were both released on PlayStation, but there’s was no confirmation for an Xbox release.

Today, however, Xbox BR, in a tweet, hinted that FF7 Remake might make it to Xbox soon. This post surely looked like an accident since it had been deleted moments after it was up.

The tweet was part of a Father’s Day celebratory post (which in itself doesn’t make any sense, given the timing), showcasing a collage for some of the games’ most famous protagonists with their children.

This is where we noticed something unusual: the presence of Barret Wallace. Now, this post could indicate that the three year old title might make it to the green camp, but keep in mind that there hasn’t been any sort of formal announcement regarding the port.

We also don’t know where Xbox would announce the release, if these rumors are true. It does seem like this could have something to do with the Tokyo Game Show, starting next month (Xbox has confirmed to attend).

For a bit of a backstory, Final Fantasy VII Remake came to PlayStation 4 in 2020, and soon was expanded over to the PC, and PS5 ecosystem. It’s been three years, and Final Fantasy’s exclusivity agreement with Sony had also expired way back in 2021, but still nothing has been said about an Xbox release. Why?

Well, last year, in December, when the FTC v Microsoft case was all heated up, Microsoft took the stance that Sony has been blocking certain games (including FF7 Remake) from releasing on Xbox to maintain it’s market position.

Now that the case is all wrapped up, and huge concessions are made on either sides, it seems as if we may finally see the game being announced on Xbox really soon.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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