Feature Which Enables Windows To Automatically Rollback Problematic Updates Will Be Released In Windows 10 Version 1903

Yesterday, Microsoft quietly introduced a new feature which will bring a amend in the way the update mechanism works on Windows 10. This new feature is something which users have been wanting for quite sometime now, and it seems that Microsoft finally fulfilled their wishes yesterday.

ZDNet reported yesterday that Windows now has the ability to automatically remove problematic updates in your system to avoid any further issues. The new feature was introduced by Microsoft on a support page. The details regarding how the feature operates are pretty unclear.

Windows 10 will automatically uninstall installed updates if it encounters a startup failure and when it can not diagnose and resolve the failure due to disk issues, system file corruption, invalid registry keys, or other such causes. Windows will wait 30 days before installing the new update again. Microsoft did not clear up when they would be adding this new feature, but it seems that they have answered this question today.

Windows 10 version 1903

Today, the same support document was updated to reveal when the new feature would be implemented into Windows. The Support Document revealed that the new feature will be implemented in the Windows 10 version 1903 update. Microsoft stated, “This new feature is only available for Windows Insiders running Windows 10, version 1903. This version of Windows 10 has not yet been released publicly,”

Startup Failure

Microsoft revealed that users who will be reverted back to an old version of Windows will receive the following message: “We removed some recently installed updates to recover your device from a startup failure.”

Question regarding the stability of the feature will be raised in the near future. As Windows has a habit of releasing untested features which contain a handful of bugs. Who’s to say this feature doesn’t? You can read more about the upcoming Windows 10 Version 1903 here.

Murtaza Islam
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