MemTest86 Receives Major Update Allowing You to Pinpoint the Faulty Memory Module(s) in Your RAM

The next gen is upon us!

MemTest86 is a free, standalone software that allows you to diagnose your RAM whether it be on a x86-64 or an ARM platform. Using its complex and dynamic algorithms allowing for testing on all levels to be conducted, it is considered as one of the most robust and effective memory testing softwares.

MemTest86 has not seen a major update since January of this year. An update may arrive when AMD release their new Zen4 CPUs. So what’s the new special feature in this update?

Over at Twitter, the creator of MemTest86 shared a tweet stating ‘A new era of memory testing is coming to MemTest86‘. What will this feature do exactly? Let’s assume you have faulty RAM, up till now you just titled the whole RAM stick as ‘defective’. MemTest86 will now pinpoint the exact malfunctioning memory module giving you an opportunity to breathe new life into it, provided you know how.

Now I’m not assuming that people know how to solder/fix broken and faulty memory modules. However, this may spark the new ‘fix your RAM yourself’ trend. This feature will only work on DDR5 memory based systems, so yes you will have to upgrade (You eventually will). 

Intel plans to launch its Raptor Lake CPUs sometime around Q4 2022. AMD this time was one step ahead as it is officially marking the dawn of the Zen4 era on the 15th of September. Both platforms will feature support for the 5th generation of SDRAM, dubbed as DDR5. This new version of MemTest86 will help you tackle problems with your RAM, if any arise.


Abdullah Faisal

With a love for computers since the age of give, Abdullah has always sought to delve into the depths of information, and uses it as his guiding light. He believes success is of utmost importance as history is written by the victor.
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