How to: Fast Charge Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Unfortunately, today’s devices still run on non-nuclear batteries. As a result, we are forced to constantly charge them every time they run out of power. You probably find yourself checking your phone’s battery percentage a couple of times a day, and find comfort when the battery icon still displays a substantial amount of power, or when its percentage is still sufficient to last you longer throughout the day. Most Samsung phones allow you to use any USB charger to charge your phone. While you can still do this, modern phones are nowadays manufactured to only work efficiently when using proprietary accessories, that is, accessories that work to their full capacity only with that particular device. The charging period that would normally take 2-3 hours using an original Samsung charger, takes way more with the use of a nameless USB wall charger.

Waiting for your phone to reach 100% can be frustrating while using no-name chargers. Most people end up using their phones while they charge. This is not only dangerous to the user but causes serious damage to your phone’s battery. Trusselo, a developer from XDA, has come up with a workaround that takes your Samsung Galaxy phone way less time to reach that 100% when charging. Most people would not want to invest in a pricey original Samsung Galaxy charger. Trusselo’s workaround involves a little bit of DIY (Do It Yourself). Getting that nameless USB wall charger to fast charge your Samsung Galaxy will not be a problem anymore. According to Trusselo, the theory behind it lies in the way Samsung Phones are designed to recognize proprietary Samsung chargers.

Normally, when you connect your Samsung phone to its original charger, about 750mA of power is supplied to your phone. This is due to the way the data pins on the USB cable are able to tell the phone that the charger connected is the original one. As a result, full speed charging is enabled. This does not happen with the nameless USB wall chargers. Without a connection to the 2 middle pins, there is no full speed charging. This is still the case even if you supply 800mA. It will still charge at 350 mA using a USB wall charger. The trick that Trusselo talks about involves bending the 2 middle pins on your USB wall charger and soldering them together for better connection. The photo below shows the exact pins to bend.

Once done, your phone is tricked into thinking that it’s being charged using an original Samsung charger and not via USB. It then kicks into full speed charging, where 800-1000mA of power is supplied, instead of the mere 350mA. However, this may not be a friendly way to charge other USB devices. Therefore, Trusselo advises that you only use this with your Samsung Galaxy phone. However, there are risks involved in using this method to fast charge your Samsung Galaxy phone. You caould either cause damage to your charger or fry your Samsung device.  Only go ahead with this process if you’re completely comfortable with it.


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