Far Cry 6 to Feature a VOCAL Protagonist who is Directly Embedded in the Story

We already know that Giancarlo Esposito will be playing the antagonist ‘El Presidente’ in Far Cry 6. Far Cry series is known for its impressionable villains, but it lacks behind when it comes to the protagonists. Far Cry 5, the last main game in the series and the post-apocalyptic spin-off ‘Far Cry: New Dawn,’ completely ditched any form of character development including the character dialogues. Even though both games delivered on the ‘Far Cry experience’ but it felt bland as the main character had no involvement in the main plot.

With the upcoming game, Ubisoft attempts to rectify that by introducing a protagonist that is directly involved in the story. Before the Ubisoft Forward event, the Narrative Director of Far Cry 6 Navid Khavari talked with Gamespot in which he emphasized that the protagonist Dani Rojas has a specific role in the game. He added that it would be the first Far Cry game in which the main character will be ‘more visible’ throughout the campaign so that players can easily connect with him.

Unlike protagonists from the previous Far Cry games, Dani is a native on the island of “Yara,” the place that lacks behind the rest of the World due to economic sanctions. It means he is directly related to the guerrilla war against Presidente Anton Castillo’s regime. Like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the game offers a choice to either play as Male or Female; however, both characters will have the same name.

Far Cry 6 is not the first Far Cry game that tackles topics like the revolution, but issues like fascism and economic isolation are introduced for the first time. One would argue that these topics are very relevant to the current political situation of the World, so a protagonist that is more present in the story makes more sense.

Talking about the revolution, the Narrative Director said, “When you’re looking at the topic of revolution, it was really important for us to ensure that the protagonist has a personal investment in that revolution.

Mohsin Naeem
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