Fans Waited 17 Years for This Hell 2 Diablo Mod

The Hell 2 for Diablo Immortal has finally been released in its entirety as a mod. The developers spent over 17 years working on this project.

This mod brings a number of improvements to the original game alongside new content too. In The Hell 2, the single-player mode of the Hellfire edition of Diablo has been expanded with “at least 50% more content,” with 24 new basic dungeon levels and 21 new quest levels.

The mod also provides more depth to the game. After you have defeated Diablo on level 16, you will discover steps that go further into hell to levels that provide a higher degree of difficulty as well as bigger potential rewards.

A large amount of work was also put into improving the engine, which now provides, among other things, support for high widescreen resolutions (up to 4K), window mode, and the possibility to configure up to 10,000 frames per second.

Additionally, the gameplay seems very different in this update.  There are also new monsters, items, and spells, as well as 6 rebalanced classes to pick from; with the Hellfire expansion, the Monk joined the Warrior, Rogue, and Sorcerer as playable characters, while the Barbarian and Bard later appeared in the game’s files. If that’s not enough variety for you, there are also 29 different subclasses to try out, each with its own special abilities like dual wielding or trapping. The game’s soundtrack has also been updated and remastered. With the new upgrades, the quality has greatly increased.

It took around 17 years to get to this point in time. After 11 years of work on the original Hell mod, which was released in 2006, the development team finally moved on to The Hell 2 in 2017. The team spent the last half year correcting minor issues and addressing bugs in preparation for ultimately releasing the final version. 

Although the mod may yet undergo minor adjustments in the future, the original goal of its creators has been accomplished.


Farhan Ali

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