Fans Should Expect No New Star Wars Game Announcements, Says Electronic Arts

The EA Play Live event on July 22 will be bereft of any new information on possible upcoming Star Wars titles, leading some fans to speculate on the publisher’s plans for future games in the series.

In an announcement from the official Electronic Arts Star Wars Twitter page, the publisher of most modern games for the franchise has tempered the expectations of millions of fans as they state that there will be no news for any new or upcoming Star Wars titles this July 22. The date is Electronic Arts’ day for announcing their newest titles. Called EA Play Live, it runs during the famed E3 season, where most publishers for different video games announce their plans for the latest titles coming this year and in the near future.

Star Wars titles are the last thing you should expect, if you’re a big fan of the franchise. This comes as a massive disappointment for those waiting for a possible sequel to Jedi Fallen Order, EA’s action adventure title that ended up being their most warmly received title in the time they have held exclusive rights to the billion-dollar franchise.

No news on Bioware titles, either

Electronic Arts holds a huge catalog of popular video game franchises, with Star Wars games only being part of it. However, before this announcement, EA has already announced that two other popular series from their catalog, Mass Effect and Dragon Age (both handled by BioWare) will also be missing from EA Play, leading a lot of people to question what content will be left to be excited about for EA’s supposed big event.

A tumultuous tenure on the exclusive Star Wars rights

For some fans of the Star Wars franchise, this news solidifies their belief that Electronic Arts may have entirely shelved their future plans for any new future releases set in the iconic space opera. EA famously lost the exclusive rights for games featuring the franchise earlier this year, ending their almost decade-long hold over any Star Wars title. In the last eight years, Electronic Arts only managed to develop and publish four games: Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars: Squadrons.

As EA no longer has sole publishing rights, other big publishers are looking to fill the void with new titles, all still in early stages of development. French publisher Ubisoft is working on a future open-world title, helmed by Massive Entertainment, who developed the popular “The Division” series.

Kenneth Araullo
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