Fanatical’s New Browser Extension Helps You Find Cheaper Games

PC gamers who are fairly active in the gaming industry will know about the online store Fanatical. Based in the United Kingdom, Fanatical is an online video game retailer that was previously known as Bundle Stars. As a result of its discounted prices, Fanatical has reached a customer base of over 1.2 million gamers in under five years. Earlier today, the company launched their first official browser extension called Fanatical Assistant.

Fanatical Assistant

The whole idea of the Fanatical website is to give gamers an alternative, but mainly cheaper option of purchasing video games. While its great to save a buck or two every time you purchase a game, it can be time consuming searching through a horde of websites. When searching for games online, the Fanatical Assistant browser extension automatically notifies you when a game you are viewing is cheaper at Fanatical. While the website is easy to navigate, the extension can save you time by automatically finding and applying coupon codes for games on Steam and bundles at Fanatical.

Apart from its great website integration, the Fanatical Assistant can also import your Steam Wishlist into your Fanatical account. Once you have created a free Fanatical account, you will need to link your Steam account. After that, all your wishlisted games are copied over from Steam so you will be notified if there are ever any related deals. Speaking of wishlists, the Fanatical Assistant allows you to store your wishlist of favorite games. By using the extension, you will be eligible to receive exclusive discount coupons, instant access to Fanatical’s top games, and the chance to customize the extension to your own liking.

Wishlist Import

The Fanatical Assistant is available now for free on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To download it, just head over to the official website page and click the ‘add extension’ button.

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Fanatical’s New Browser Extension Helps You Find Cheaper Games

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