Fallout: New Vegas HD Texture Pack Uses AI to Modify 13,000 Textures

Released over eight years ago, the visuals of Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas haven’t aged well. Since the game’s release, there has been no shortage of graphic enhancing texture packs and mod. A new AI-enhanced texture pack modifies and enhances over 13,000 textures, making the game much prettier on larger displays.

Fallout: New Vegas

As shared by DSOGaming, Nexus Mods user DcCharge released a new high definition texture pack for Fallout: New Vegas. Charge’s FNV HD Texture Pack refines the New Vegas experience for users playing on larger displays. Although there are numerous texture enhancing mods out there, they don’t all upscale the textures specifically for use on widescreens and bigger displays.

The HD texture modification makes use of numerous AI software to upscale approximately 13,000 in-game textures. A further 2,000 texture files were processed for all of the game’s DLC. As of now, the texture pack only modifies texture files, while level of detail textures, tree bill boards, and most of the interface files are untouched.

The pack is available in two options: 2X and 4X. The 2X pack provides textures featuring resolutions of up to 2K, whereas the 4X pack goes all the way up to 4K. The pack’s creator suggests the the 4X pack should be used for screens larger than 40″ with resolutions above 1080p. Obviously, the system requirements for the 4X pack are higher than those of the 2X pack. You’ll need to consider your screen size and resolution when deciding which pack to choose.

Have a look at some of the textures updated by the mod.


As the textures are AI-enhanced, there are bound to be some visuals that were changed for the worse. Users have described some textures, such as the rug in Caesar’s tent, as a “horrifying speckled mess”. The pack’s creator claims that the results were “handpicked”, and that some textures and meshes were manually edited. “No texture is being left untouched,” says DcCharge.

The AI-enhanced texture pack for Fallout: New Vegas is available for download on Nexus Mods.


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