RPG Inspired by Fallout may not be Released “For a Long Time”

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the premiere of the Fallout film, New Blood Interactive director Dave Oshry has unveiled a trailer from an upcoming game that seems to be as significant as its highly anticipated release.

In June, New Blood announced that they were working on a new role-playing game which was clearly inspired by the original Fallout titles. Evidently inspired, but not a carbon duplicate. At the very least, we know that the game’s combat mechanics will differ from the original title.

Surely the biggest complaint about classic Fallout games has always been the slow n’ clunky nature of the turn based combat. While we’re still keeping things turn based, by switching up the style and perspective more akin to classic dungeon crawlers, we find it much more engaging.”

Even though the final product won’t be playable or completely unveiled “for a long time,” New Blood director Dave Oshry provided a brief insight into the project. Dave’s uploaded clip doesn’t showcase much. However,it does reveal that the untitled RPG will have an interface very similar to that of Fallout and Fallout 2

The clip also provides confirmation of a few additional elements, although things that one would anticipate in a Fallout tribute. There is a wide variety of dialogue choices, ranging from diplomatic to cheeky, an action log. The user interface is very much in line with the golden period of computer role-playing games from the 1990s too. The first-person perspective, on its own, has a lot of endearing qualities.

Oshry is collaborating on this project with programmer Adam Lacko, artist Alexander Berezin, and composer Mark Morgan.

Lacko, Oshry and Berezin have all put their hearts into this new role-playing game. Oshry called Berezin his “dream artist” and Morgan, his “dream composer” in an interview earlier this year. He also said that the game is not yet out, and that New Blood definitely shouldn’t be teasing it, but that he is happy to see that people are excited about it.



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