Fallout 4 ‘The Train’ Mod Adds a New Quest Alongside a Drivable Train

With an abundance of vehicle mods available, Fallout 4’s new ‘The Train’ mod stands out as it lets the player drive their own train. Apart from a drivable train and a moving train settlement, the mod adds a new quest offering over three hours of gameplay. The mod also brings new weapons, armor, and a new kid companion named Katy.

The Train

Developed by Nexus Mods user buali, the new mod for Fallout 4 breathes life into the story by offering an action packed train-themed quest line. The quest can be started at the old south station, or at the front desk of Valentine’s detective agency. The Train mod adds four new rare weapons and three custom outfits, including a stun gun, a handheld flamethrower, and an outfit inspired by Handsome Jack from the Borderlands series.

Fallout 4 Train Mod
The Train

Moving on to the trains section, this mod lets the player drive their own train. Later on in the quest-line, the player can obtain and manage a moving train settlement with up to ten flatbed cars. The train cars can be completely customized by accessing the workshop located under the exit of the train’s engine. Inside the engine, the player can find a radio to communicate with merchant trains as well as a detachment panel for train customization. An upcoming radar feature which offers random train-related quests is also in the works. According to the mod page, “no train car is the same” and “every train car was manually crafted to add variety, including animal cages, towns, bars and even a red light district.”

Katy, the kid companion who excels at sniping, performs best when she is at a distance. Getting too close to the enemies might cause her to panic, so make sure to keep your distance when initiating a fight. Together with detailed scripting and cinematics, the Train mod for Fallout 4 uses well-crafted sights and landscapes to offer the best gameplay experience possible.

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Fallout 4 ‘The Train’ Mod Adds a New Quest Alongside a Drivable Train

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