Obscurum IV – Statesec DLC Turns Fallout IV into a War Based FPS

The new Fallout IV mod, released by Thumblesteen, offers a thorough overhaul of the original game, including changes to almost every aspect. The “Obscurum IV – Statesec” mod will revamp the game’s locations and add a gloomy new narrative.

The mod offers an entirely new setting, plot, enemies, and weapons. Furthermore, the modder has revised the game’s difficulty and fighting system to provide a quicker and more realistic experience. Thumblesteen has also added a significant amount of additional Minutemen content, which includes new divisions, uniforms, and load-outs.

So, the new narrative is relatively straightforward: there is a civil war where The Commonwealth Separatist Regiment is on the opposing side, whereas you side with the Minutemen. Most opponent and faction encounters, including raiders, common spawning, dogs, ghouls, and flies, have been replaced with different troops, CSR, and associated Minutemen soldiers. You can join the war as a Minuteman officer to help your side fight.

This DLC-sized update introduces new adversaries to the game along with an officer system that enables players to engage in combat, attack enemies’ bases, and play as a commando. As mentioned earlier, the new setting and storyline completely revamp the whole experience. The mod developer claims that players are free to play in whatever way they see fit, including sniping, the use of heavy weapons, explosives, and a variety of other tactics.

Fallout 4 has hit a Zeitgeist of a lot of tactical army type things, but my problem was always how the world was full of comic book-type themes like robots and monsters, and it never quite seemed to fit with what people wanted,” the modder said when asked about the mindset and thinking behind the DLC. He added, “So as you had all these modders porting cool stuff from Call of Duty games and what have you to make the player tactical, I decided to add the missing piece, namely, the surrounding environment.

The mod can be downloaded through NexusMods‘ official website.



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