Factors to Consider When Getting a Subwoofer

Stereos are life, they bring back your memories with music you enjoy and create new experiences with the current tunes that are on. But at times, if you’re a music enthusiast like me, it feels like somethings missing, that may be a bass. Subwoofers serve the purpose of playing those low sounds that support music and, in some genres, is the central part of a song. Dubstep, R&B, and house music rely heavily on the sound of a bass and if you’re a fan, you need a subwoofer to enjoy it fully.

This article can give you a few tips on what to look for when looking for a subwoofer. Bigger is not always better, every person has different needs and we cover the most important ones so that you find what you’re looking for.

Do I Really Need an Amplifier?

It depends on your needs if you want to share your musical tastes with your neighbours or just like a loud bass in your home, then yes. On the other hand, some people like to use their subs just as a complementary piece for their music. Either way, if you don’t want to spend too much on audio, a built-in amplifier subwoofer is just right.

How much power is too much?

Again, this comes down to what your personal taste is like. People that like modern tastes in music like it big and loud, that means more power which translates on over 1000 Watts Peak Power. However, experienced people are on the bass just for the full audio experience so 600 Watts Peak Power is probably enough for them. Make sure your amplifier exceeds a bit the peak power your system delivers to obtain optimal performance.

Will my Music Play as It Was Originally Intended?

This is where external controls come in handy in subwoofers. Some crossover controls like Low-Frequency Pass or the Phase Switch can save you a visit from an audio specialist.  You still should read the instructions and do some research on how everything works. Some music genres require certain EQ values to be heard properly so be aware that it may not sound well of out of the box.

Which Size of Subwoofer Should I Use?

You can’t be totally sure unless you measure the possible places for the subwoofer. If you want a loud bass, the corner of the room is the better place. If you’d rather have a small unit, you could place it in front of you where the front speakers are. Sometimes, following the basic method is the safest way to go if you’re new to all of this.

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